5 Ways to Reduce Online Gaming Fraud

5 Ways to Reduce Online Gaming Fraud

The online gaming industry has always been lucrative. However, since the coronavirus and numerous lockdowns, many more of us are heading online and using the internet as one of our main sources of entertainment. Luckily, there is a plethora of ways to keep ourselves entertained, such as gambling and online gaming, as well as online shopping and speaking with our friends and family over messaging apps and video calls.

While this surge of online activity hasn’t created the problem of online gaming fraud, it has increased the activity as hackers are aware that more people are online and may be unprotected – some of whom may be new to the internet and online gaming scene.  

What’s more, if you also work in online gaming or the esports industry, you will want to find ways to protect your business. Being a figurehead in esports opens you up to a lot of potentially fraudulent activity as there are numerous ‘trolls’ and hackers who would like to gain access to your valuable accounts such as Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Losing access to these accounts can cause you to lose your followers, subscribers, as well as payment methods. Platforms such as Twitch may have to deactivate your account, causing you to start again and reclaim the milestones of reaching Affiliate and Partner. 

Whether you are a professional gamer, someone who likes to game for fun in their free time, or you enjoy surfing the internet, you need to protect yourself and your identity. How can you do this though? The following guide offers you advice on how you can reduce online gaming fraud and use the internet with a greater peace of mind.

Have Strong and Unique Passwords

You’ll have heard this bit of advice before, yet not many people will give it the time of day. Settling on easy, and therefore weak passwords, can open you up to being hacked. What’s more, if you use the same few passwords, the hackers can gain access to numerous accounts. Having strong and unique passwords for each and every account you have online is essential and a necessity if you wish to protect your personal data and reduce the likelihood of being hacked.

How can you create strong and unique passwords but also not forget them? Firstly, strong passwords are typically long, with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, and have no mention of any personal information such as the year you were born or the first name of your pet. Once you have created passwords for all accounts, you need to try and remember them. A password manager helps store and keep your passwords safe while ensuring you have access to them. Not sure on how a password manager works or the best ones to invest in? Here’s a list of the best password managers in 2021.

Be Wary if You Are an Esports Streamer with a Following

As previously mentioned, those with a career in esports may become a target because they are profitable figureheads within the industry. If a hacker were to get a hold of their accounts, then they could hold the data for ransom but also gain access to their personal data and use it. For platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter, the best way to counter this is to ensure that you have strong and unique passwords, but also to have two-factor authentication on. If someone were to try and access your accounts and change the password, for example, then you will be notified and you can either let Twitch, YouTube or Twitter know before you change your passwords if it makes you feel safer.

Always Choose the Best Online Casinos that Are Safe and Reliable

When playing games online, you need to ensure that you are playing on a reliable website so that you know that your personal data will be stored securely and not be the subject to ulterior motives. When looking for an online casino, for instance, you should always choose a reliable website like https://onlinecasinos.co.uk. Through this website, you can find the best casino and slots sites that are credible and trustworthy. Online Casinos takes the time to try out each website so that you know that you are being directed to a safe online casino.

Make Sure All Purchases Are Legitimate

Big websites such as Twitch are easy to purchase subscriptions and ‘bits’ from. This platform is considered extremely reliable with many broadcasters choosing to host their streams from and grow their gaming community. However, when it comes to making purchases from other, lesser-known websites such as the more independent ones, you will want to make sure that your purchases are legitimate. For instance, when buying a game, many people will use Steam (for PC) and the Xbox or PlayStation stores (for console). However, there are other websites that offer the same games but at discounted prices.

You will want to conduct some research before deciding whether to make a purchase from any website. Reviews and testimonials are the best way to decide whether the website and/or deal is legitimate. Googling the website will typically bring up search results detailing whether you can trust the website and payment process. 

Get the Correct Software for Protection

Always ensure that your PC is running the latest and most up to date antivirus software. Virus protection software is your first line of defence and a worthwhile investment that can keep your identity and personal details safe and out of the hands of any hackers. Not sure which antivirus software to invest in? Click here for the best antivirus software of 2021. 

The best way to keep your identity safe is to invest in proper antivirus software and to educate yourself on how to spot dodgy websites that may be malicious. Always use strong and unique websites, make sure your online purchases are legitimate, and always look at reviews of websites before using them. 

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