Moving Cost : How Do Local Movers Calculate Charges?

Moving Cost : How Do Local Movers Calculate Charges?

There’s no way around it: moving is expensive. It’s going to cost you at least $500, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a moving company.

If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll be paying for supplies, the cost of renting a moving van, gas for that moving van, and replacing anything that breaks during the drive.

Since it’s going to cost you money, either way, you might as well get a professional company to take on some of the moving costs. While it might be more expensive than you doing it yourself (if everything goes perfectly), at least you won’t have to lift all those heavy things yourself.

Are you considering hiring a moving company but want to better understand what you’re paying for? Read below.

What Are the Basic Supplies You Need for a Move?

When you’re moving, whether you hire local movers or not, you’ll need the same supplies.

First, you’ll need boxes and wrapping material for all the things in your home. Some moving companies will give you a package deal if you buy these supplies, but not all, so consider them additional moving costs.

Next, you’ll need a truck or large van with a rental fee, mileage fee, and gas costs. Filling up the tank of a 15-foot moving van rental can cost anywhere from $50-$100, depending on the price of gas, and you’ll need to fill up around every 100 miles.

Finally, you’ll need to pay for people to load the truck for you and drive the van (if you’re hiring a moving company). If you’re not hiring a moving company, you’ll need to take time off to drive to your destination and figure out how to get your car there as well.

A car trailer is an extra fee on top of the moving charges above.

How Do Local Movers Calculate Moving Cost?

Now that you know what costs to expect, here’s how moving companies (like Haulin Assets Movers) break down their fees.

First, they’ll have to pay their employees an hourly wage. That wage is for the time spent loading and driving the truck.

Next, they’ll have to charge for the use of their truck (though if you break it down, the truck cost will likely be cheaper than renting something).

Finally, they’ll have to charge you for all the gas they use and time spent on the road.

Depending on the company, these costs include moving insurance, dependable arrival dates, and other extras.

Moving Estimates: Will You DIY or Hire Out?

You’ll spend money moving no matter what, so you might as well hire professionals and pay their moving costs. At least they’ll give you a more precise estimate than you’ll get trying to do it yourself, and they have years of moving expertise.

Most national and local movers will replace or refund you for anything they break, which is another nice perk.

In the end, how you choose to move is up to you. Knowing the facts will help you keep your moving cost under control.

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