Tips to Wear Men’s Sandals with Different Outfits

Tips to Wear Men’s Sandals with Different Outfits

When we talk about styling men’s sandals, it is important to see the bigger picture. Consider the occasion and your present wardrobe – do you require something that can work with trousers, or are you searching for regular sandals? 

You will also need to ensure your sandals fit properly and stay supportive to keep your feet happy and healthy. 

In this post, you will find our essential tips for wearing the best sandals for men with different outfits: 

1. Wear sandals with shorts 

In case you are planning for a meal on holiday or just lingering near the house, shorts and sandals are a great combination. 

Pair the sliders and the best sandals for men with jersey shorts to get a casual regular look. Flip-flops are ideal to try around the pool in your swim boxers, while more elegant leather sandals appear great with custom-fit chino shorts. 

2. Make a combination of sandals and suits 

As flip-flops, sliders, and sports sandals are a big no in the office, leather sandals successfully attain that smart-casual appearance– ideal for informal dresses and beach wedding shoes. 

If you want to wear sandals at work or at a special event, ensure you wear a quality pair. A dark pair of sandals with rolled-over black trousers and a shirt gives a very effective office look that will make your feet unrestricted. 

For getting a really stylish look with sandals, keep your clothes monochrome and refrain from gaudy prints. This does not significantly mean white, black, and grey – select a colour plan and fix it.

3. Try sandals with jeans 

You can even exchange shorts and suits for a conventional pair of jeans. It may be critical to get the exemplary initially, but it can be accomplished. 

To pair sandals with jeans: 

Over and over, try to ignore sliders and flip-flops with jeans – you require a dressy pair of rugged sandals to make this work properly. 

4. Make a pair of socks and sandals 

Just try this uncommon combination carefully. Balance the summer desires of your sporty sliders or sandals with broad and embodied socks. Keep yourself a bit savvy with an attractive colour range, and double-check your socks are washed and clean. 

This does not look elegant for the office, so keep this glimpse for the weekend. And, be ready to get some inquisitive glances. 

5. Wear sandals with trousers 

We understand men’s sandals may not be your foremost choice for pants, but they are simple to wear with slim-fit trousers. All you have to do is know if the border of your trousers finishes an inch or further than the sandals and reduce the colour difference between your footwear and pants. 

The best sandals for men in leather material will go flawlessly with trousers and a collared shirt, chinos, and bizarre T-shirts.  

6. Sandals on ethnic wear 

Sandals with kolhapuris and moccasins are a great choice to wear with a kurta and pajamas. And, they are not difficult to slip in, stroll in, or dance in. 

It brings much-required ease and style to the hours of haste and running through festivities and wedding occasions. But make sure not to puzzle these leather strapped sandals and ethnic sandals with your regular flip-flops. The sandals you slip in with your dhoti pants, pajamas, or kurta jeans must look stylish and conventional. 

7. Choose various styles 

Men’s sandals come in different styles. Thus, if you are having a problem finding something that goes well, you may wish to modify the design in place of the size. 

Sliders and flip-flops are the perfect footwear for going all over the house or on the beach but might not provide enough base for walking through the high street. 

So, choose sandals with straps that attach throughout the foot and roll the heel’s back. This not only keeps your ankles safe, but it also lets them get adjusted where required. 

Final Words 

The best sandals for men can be classy only when worn appropriately and if you go by the tips discussed above. For more information on selecting your footwear, check out a diverse range of options at Ipanema.

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