How Startups in Brisbane Can Grow through Professional Videos

How Startups in Brisbane Can Grow through Professional Videos

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Brisbane, the third-largest city in Australia doesn’t fail to welcome and initiate innovative ideas to boost the startups. To gain success you need to invest money and efforts with different and powerful marketing strategies.

Why startups need videos to grow

Top Brisbane Video production companies to boost your startup are: 

  1. Sure Shot Film
  2. Growth Rocket Apps
  3. Sky Jellyfish Video Production
  4. Chello
  5. Panedia
  6. Fotomedia

5 ways to boost the startups with video

Marketing is all about creativity and there are countless ways to generate startup videos and the 5 tactics are:

  1. Product reviews – As a startup, your goal is to reach the maximum audience and product reviews represent that in a good way wherein the video explanation must be a short maximum of up to 3 minutes and should go straight to the point by describing the advantages of your products including problem, solution, how it works, and inviting the viewers.
  2. Live Videos – Live videos bring 13% more traffic with the number constantly growing. Modern users find short videos very appealing and hence Snapchat became such a hit instantly and Instagram and Facebook added to their viewership with the help of live videos as it was very simple and cheap.
  3. Shoot Testimonials – Online customers tend to trust people more than the company and that opens the doors of mouth publicity of the product and that means you should make testimonials with real buyers describing why they should opt for your services or products. Such content is more realistic driving the trust and boosting the credibility of the startup.
  4. Social Influencers – Social influencers are a powerful marketing tactic and combine it with your content to get outstanding results. If the influencer shares the same values as your startup then cooperate with the influencer to support your marketing campaign. 
  5. YouTube -YouTube is the largest video platform to reach the target audience. Create a channel that not only promotes the product but also brings value to the viewers. Get connected and to the point, answer the questions of the audience and try to solve their problems it will help to grow your startup as an expert in the industry.

With the help of professional videos, you can grow your business on social media easily with more reach to the audience in a faster way. 

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