What do you need to know about Bitcoin Trading Robot?

What do you need to know about Bitcoin Trading Robot?

The full details of cryptocurrency traders, exchanges, and other services are worth deeper inspection, but this Bitcoin Prime review is a short glimpse at the key aspects of the automatic cryptocurrency trading service in a more digestible serving size.

Automatic Trading Intelligence

Because of the distributed ledger that facilitates cryptocurrencies, it’s possible to deep dive into the history of trading patterns for each one. Using this and current data, Bitcoin Prime has developed a program that can monitor the market and sniff out the trends early enough to take advantage.

Although its computer code executes the commands, the underlying technology was developed by a mix of Wall Street traders and software engineers from MIT. The mix of market and technology know-how has created a truly intuitive and powerful trading intelligence. The trade profitability rate is on par with other trading robots at roughly 85%, though there is still risk involved.

Once traders have set up their accounts and trading preferences, Bitcoin Prime will continue to trade using the available funds without any further input. Whether using the built-in algorithms or setting a custom trading pattern, the AI never sleeps. Exact numbers on the service uptime are not available, but it can be expected to keep consistently trading at all hours.

Lightning-Fast Trading Speeds

Bitcoin Prime can execute trades in as little as 1 millisecond. The robot could have traded thousands of times before you reached the end of this sentence to put that in perspective.

Humans simply can’t compete with the fast reaction time of computers, and high-stakes traders will push for faster connections to get an edge. With Bitcoin Prime, that speed works to the advantage of every trader on the platform instead of just the big dogs.

CySEC-Approved Brokers

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has approved Bitcoin Prime as a reliable and valid cryptocurrency broker. Companies have to submit an application, hold a prescribed amount of liquid assets, manage their customer and corporate finances separately, and more to receive their approval.

Bitcoin Prime uses these brokers to best guarantee that traders’ investments are safe from potential pitfalls. Traders can not directly select their broker, but that’s more of a convenience than a downside for beginning traders.

Account Security Is Key

Bitcoin Prime’s service falls in line with EU, UK, and US laws regarding data privacy for international quality of security.

Only Pay When You Earn

Bitcoin Prime only charges fees when traders make a profit. They determine whether or not an account is profitable over time instead of using smaller time frames or individual trades.

Once the account is making money, Bitcoin Prime leverages a 2% commission. That 2% can be hefty when dealing with substantial balances, but paying hundreds or thousands on the commission will still leave traders with significant profits for little work.

Fast, No-Cost Account Setup

Technically, signing up for a Bitcoin Prime account is free and nearly instantaneous. To actually verify the account, traders need to deposit 250 Euros or dollars into the trading account. Since this money is used for trading and can be withdrawn, there’s no actual cost to the setup.

A Known and Reputable Service

Bitcoin Prime has been out and functioning since 2016, and it’s one of the longest-running automated cryptocurrency trading services. With stories like the QuadrigaCX and other cryptocurrency scams fresh in many minds, having a longer history significantly helps with peace of mind before utilizing the service.

Regular Free Withdrawals

Bitcoin Prime account owners can withdraw their profits 10 times per month without any fees. After that, the company charges a 0.1% transaction fee for the withdrawal.

The 10 free withdrawals are enough to take the profits out of the account every week while leaving a few available in case the account owner needs or wants to take out more. The small transaction fee doesn’t necessarily stop it from serving as a hot wallet.

24/7 Support Availability

Since the bot will be trading around the clock, it’s important to have tech support standing by the same amount of time. The Bitcoin Prime support staff is online and ready every hour of every day.

Not Affiliated with Amazon

This Prime account will earn money and take little time, unlike ordering off Amazon or watching Prime Video.

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