Top 6 Reasons Why Most People Prefer to Vape

Top 6 Reasons Why Most People Prefer to Vape

The past couple of years have seen a broad acceptance of electronic cigarettes. Many people consider and accept it as a suitable alternative to a traditional cigarette. This is not surprising as e-cigs come with a series of advantages and benefits absent in many other nicotine delivery systems.

Besides being an alternative to a tobacco cigarette, an e-cigarette is safe and widely accepted, contributing to its overall popularity. As a result, many people, including teens and ex-smokers, are making the switch that is available on Weedsmart. This article explores six reasons why vaping appears to be a worthy alternative to smoking:

Absent of Distinct Odor

Cigarette smokers are easy to identify due to the obnoxious smell that follows them around. In addition, smoke from cigarettes can attach to almost anything like clothes, hair, vehicles, chairs, etc. This is responsible for the offensive odor of many smokers. 

Many people find this repulsive and avoid it like the plague. The reason for the smell is due to the combustion of tar alongside the various chemicals in it. When these substances are burned, they latch to different things around, responsible for the smell. 

Vaping, however, does not have these issues. Vaping does not release smoke but pleasant smelling vapors that disappear immediately. The smell is a factor of the flavor you chose which is not offensive. 

To Quit Smoking 

Over several years, many users have turned to vape as a means to quit smoking. Unfortunately, nicotine is a highly addictive substance that is hard to kick. Vaping is a good choice because it allows users to gradually taper the nicotine content until they can vape with zero nicotine content. 

The population of vapers today is filled with millions that switched as a means to quit smoking. With vaping, smokers kick such habits with a technique known as the nicotine replacement therapy treatments. While many devices and methods to help smokers beat nicotine addiction like gum, many smokers reported that it was not effective. This can be traced to the absence of stimulation that cigarettes give the hands and fingers.

Grabbing a cigarette can be strong psychologically for many chronic smokers. This explains why many people trying to quit have to deal with withdrawal symptoms and might eventually relapse. However, society today is filled with the safest CBD vape pen, which recreates this sensation helping to beat such craving. 

A means of Relaxation

There are several stressors in the modern world. Demands from family, work, relationships take a toll on mental health. In addition, the news and economy do not provide encouraging information,  which can lead to significant stress. 

The good piece of news is that there are many ways to relieve stress. You can attempt yoga, try a workout, go for a walk, take a relaxing bath, try meditation, and you can also vape. With vaping, you can quickly get out of a stressful activity and take a puff to calm your nerves. Vaping also stands out in that there is assorted vape juice with varying nicotine strength. In addition, there is vaping juice specifically suited to induce deep relaxation. Besides, the process of vaping, breathing in and out is a form of meditation that can leave users relaxed after a hard day’s job. 

Vaping is Safe

There is no combustion in vaping, unlike smoking. In vaping, the ejuice vaporizes to release vapor. This removes toxic substances like tar and other dangerous smoking residues. As a result, there are no hazardous toxins like carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic, etc. As a result, vaping is easier on the lung and the entire body system. Some experts even believe that vaping is 95% safer. 

Also, the absence of fire reduces the risk of starting a fire, as is common with traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, cigarette butt is responsible for many accidental fires started in the United States. 

Vaping is Cheaper

All smokers can relate to the fact that smoking is costly. The price of a cigarette pack has increased over the years. A chronic smoker might exhaust a pack of cigarettes in a couple of days. You can do the math and imagine what it will cost to smoke in a month. 

Many things like inflation, taxes, distribution cost, rise in production cost, etc., account for the price increase. Sadly, the rise will continue. One also needs to deal with the cost of other accessories like a lighter and tray. While the initial investment to buy a vaping device might be high, the month-to-month expenses are way lower than smoking. 

Presence of Assorted Flavors

The most common flavor present in a traditional cigarette is nicotine. As a result, many smokers are used to it, and other flavors for conventional cigarettes are pretty scarce. Vaping, however, does not have this restriction as there is a wide array of flavors you can try until you get something that suits you.

E-liquids that you can vape are endless, and new flavors are released almost every time. There are options like banana flavor, candy, watermelon, citrus, etc. 


There are many reasons why many people vape, but this article has explored the top six. So, for everyone contemplating switching to vape, here are six important reasons that are worth considering. Millions of people cannot be wrong in choosing vaping over smoking. Vaping has come a long way and is here to stay. 

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