Prepare for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam with These Simple Techniques and Practice Tests

Prepare for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam with These Simple Techniques and Practice Tests


Are you the one who decided to earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge and is now wondering how to prepare for the required test? Could it be that you have a lot to cover but too little time to do so? Even if the answer is “yes”, you shouldn’t worry because this post is here to help you. Read on to know how to organize yourself using the right techniques AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure that will assist your AZ-104 exam preparation and why training with practice tests is so effective.

Microsoft azure certification – Microsoft has certification paths for many technical job roles. Each of these certifications consists of passing a series of exams to earn certification.

Techniques for AZ-104 Exam Preparation 

Earning the Azure Administrator Associate certification is paramount to succeeding in your cloud-related career. Its AZ-104 assessment validates a broad set of skills including management of storage, Microsoft 98-364 Exam Dumps Questions Azure governance, Azure compute resources, virtual networking, and providing monitoring and backups. Considering this, be ready to allocate enough time for exam preparation and make use of tested techniques and steps to follow. They are as below:

The preparation approach should put the kind of the test into consideration. So, search for more information on the exam outline and its structure. AZ-104 will last for 3 hours and will carry 40-60 questions of various types. Some of them will be multiple choices while others have the form of build lists, active screen, short answer, case studies, and so on. Check ExamTopics VCE out informational videos on the Microsoft website to understand how to manage each of them right.

It is possible to be overwhelmed when you think about how huge the task you should tackle is. But a detailed study plan will help you take control of the situation. You’ll reduce anxiety and increase efficiency regarding how you use your time. However, you have to be realistic when creating such a schedule. Remember to include some time for rest which apart from relaxing your mind also boosts information retention.

The more effective learning materials you use, the longer the concepts for AZ-104 exam last in your memory. Try official DP-200 instructor-led or self-paced courses, use videos, books, and sample tests with a clear outline. When information is organized systematically, it becomes easier to retrieve. Also, add some visual elements to your notes such as diagrams, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek help if there is something you do not understand.

Practice tests are the best when you wish to learn what questions might occur in your AZ-104 and how you work around them. These files often can be run in a simulated software putting you into the ExamSnap Download AZ-500 Free real assessment conditions. By training this way and having several trial attempts, you become more confident despite the difficulties you might face. What is more, you’ll determine how to allocate the given time best.


An associate-level AZ-104 exam can bring stress but if you are organized while preparing, you will manage to cope with it. With the MS-900 right preparation techniques and credible materials like courses and practice tests, you will successfully wade through any challenges. May all your effort lead to excelling in the assessment and getting Microsoft certified!

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