5 Benefits an investigator can get from cell phone forensics software

5 Benefits an investigator can get from cell phone forensics software

A crime doesn’t happen in isolation, and a mobile device plays a very important role in uncovering a crime. The use of a mobile device is helpful, especially in the context of digital forensics, as they consist of vast quantities of data from phonebooks, SMS text, pictures, videos, internet browsing history, and many more. With cell phone forensics software, investigators can easily collect evidence from both iOS and Android phones.

Some of the benefits of cell phone forensic software for an investigator are listed below.

  1. Quick Review: A cell phone forensics software helps to quickly review digital evidence for information relevant to the investigation by prioritising it. The primary purpose is to weed out irrelevant information and focus on the material evidence for investigation. The sorting of information helps to prioritise information, thereby enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Saves Time: Time is a crucial and vital factor in an investigation. Trained personnel with cell phone forensics software quickly determine the files and artifacts which can be relevant to the investigation. These hours which are saved, can be used to find that crucial evidence that may seem hidden at first.
  3. Avoids Pile Up of Evidence: Evidence lockers generally become filled with numerous cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices. A cell phone forensics software helps to cut down on excess useless information by effectively sorting and holding only that information that is pertinent to the case. These will help improve the investigation’s pace and relieve you from the worries of keeping every device in custody.
  4. Custom Report: A cell phone forensics software conducts a comprehensive analysis of the data using the timeline view, visual classification, and view links between files of interest and user activities, thereby creating a custom cell phone investigation report. This custom report consists of tagged data, and the software also exports data in PDF, HTML, CSV, or VICS formats.
  5.  User Friendly: A cell phone forensics software requires minimal training with rapid advanced logistical acquisition of data. It also captures and organises screen capture with text extraction and annotation easily.

Key Features of a Cell Phone Forensic Software

  1. Collection: A cell phone forensic software is one of the best digital forensic tools to scan unlocked mobile devices and tablets to rapidly collect data and speed up the investigation. This also gives investigators custom search profiles. This is generally done by capturing and organizing screenshots with automatic processing to extract index text for searching, annotating, reporting, recovering call records, messages, web browsers, browsing history, and many more.
  2. Analyze: After collecting the data, it carefully analyses the data, which the investigator can explore through the result viewer. You can view recovered pictures easily and navigate through them, filter search results, view chat conversations easily with message threat hyperlinks, and many more.
  3. Report: You can easily create comprehensive reports through cell phone forensic software to highlight your findings. Then select the format that you want to present to your audience, and you are ready.
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