Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Access

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft Access

Easy to install and use.

It only needs moments to install this Microsoft Access. In return, users get an entirely functional database. It does not need any complex programming to use as well, so an ordinary PC user can get the benefit of the information that can be collected by this system.

It provides an extensive quantity of storage space.

You can store several GBs of data using Microsoft Access. It is also available to various users on one Access app. A few users report having 10 people in a network using an Access application at the same time.

Importing data is simple.

You can import all of your collected data into Microsoft Access in about the same amount of time it needs to originally install it. There is also an easy backup solution for all your data as it is stored by Access in the same place.

Price is a valuable benefit.

Additionally, Microsoft Access Online Cloud is generally more affordable than systems with a bigger database, but it can also be entirely free for some specific businesses. As it is added in the professional suite of Office products, many small enterprises have it already and are just not using it appropriately now. Price advantages also affect the consultation charges when problems may occur with the application. It is also suitable with Cloud Azure VDI.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Access

Finite database system.

There is a limitation that can ultimately be attained when it is about the input of information inside this database. For higher data users, Microsoft Access may create restrictions that other database applications might not have only because of the file size limit it has.

Complete data is stored in one file.

For files and data that is around the limit size that this database application provides, the single-file format reduces the performance and efficiency of the application. Reports may require several minutes to create and share. Forms and queries might even lead to crashing problems on a few computers.

Time-based transactions are complex to carry in Microsoft Access.

If you create data that wants to be instantly used or edited, then this database might not be the appropriate choice for you. In such cases, Access is preferably a long-term database for metric evaluation and data mining.

Security concerns and Threats.

If your database requires good protection with comprehensive database security protocols, then Access may not be a reliable choice. You can avoid this problem by working on Access upon the front-end of a SQL server.

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