Top 5 Sports News Websites which gives you every information from Sporting World

Top 5 Sports News Websites which gives you every information from Sporting World

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Sports play an important role in our lives. It not only rejuvenates our mind and soul but also releases stress. But watching sports activities have a similar impact as well. Many people love watching sports such as football, cricket, tennis, basketball, etc. Moreover, even players who play certain sports like to watch matches from their sporting world. Watching different matches gives them an opportunity to learn about the game, study the game plan of different teams and players, develop game reading skills, and refresh their minds. Furthermore, a new industry of betting also started, and one can bet on cricket online as well.

Looking at the potential of the sports industry, different media houses throughout the world came up with a plan to create separate channels and applications for sports lovers. This initiative of introducing niche channels and internet applications for different sports channels turned out to be a big success for the media houses. Many sports wanted to follow every news from the sport they loved, and these apps and television channels certainly helped them in doing so. 

This article will mention the best five sports websites accessed by millions of fans and sports lovers each day. These sport-specific websites constantly enlighten their visitors with different information about sports. These websites have a customer base of millions. They have also rolled out specific membership plans for their loyal customers giving them access to premium information. Here are the top 5 sports websites.


ESPN was launched in the year 1993, and this is by far one of the best websites to view news and information related to sports. This website is a comprehensive platform where along with news, coverage of different sports such as NHL, NFL, NASCAR, NBL, and several other sports is also streamed. Moreover, the website’s Alexa ranking is 81, while the US ranking is 16. 

The platform received high popularity through different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter primarily due to its consistency in posting information related to different sports. 

Yahoo Sport-

The yahoo website for sports was launched in the year 1997. In the time period, 2011 to 2016, the yahoo sports website was used for US sports radio network, which is now known as SB nation radio. The site is predominantly famous for showing live scores of different games, investigation of all sports. Coming to the rankings, this website has an Alexa ranking of 4 while the US ranking is 5.

Sports Illustrated- 

The sports illustrated platform is owned by Time Warner. Like ESPN and Yahoo Sports, this website also deals with all types of features that a sporting website should offer, such as live scores, latest news, and sports investigation. The website receives 20 million users per month and also publishes a magazine which have about 3.5 million subscribers. The one thing users majorly like about the website is the infographics which are highly explanatory and exciting. The website has an Alexa rank of 1068, while a Quantcast rank is 121. 

ESPN Cricinfo- 

ESPN read the Indian market perfectly and took the right step to introduce a designated website for cricket. This website deals with news from almost every sport, but it is mainly focused on providing news information concerned with cricket. The website is hugely popular among cricket fans. The website offers live cricket scores and the events occurring in the cricket matches ball-by-ball. The website has been registered in London, while the website’s headquarters is in Bengaluru and New York. The website is highly popular among fans and receives 20 million visitors every month. The website has an Alex ranking of 252.

Fox Sports- 

The fox sports website was registered in 1994. It gives information from sports such as football, motorsport, cricket, hockey, golf, wrestling, etc. The main reason why this website is so famous is because of the coverage of National League matches. Fox sport is a special segment of the Fox broadcasting station that specializes in delivering news. 

The website is highly popular amongst the users of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The prime reason why it is so popular amongst the users is because of the width of coverage it offers. Moreover, sports analysis is free, giving everyone equal access. Furthermore, the website receives millions of visitors every month.

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