Sky Sports F1 Pit Lane Reporter: Ted Kravitz

FANS are gearing up for the 2023 Formula One season – and once again renowned pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz is set to accumulate a lot of screen time.

Max Verstappen made all the headlines last season having run away with the title.

Ted Kravitz on duty in the paddock for Sky Sports.Credit: Rex

Ted Kravitz with F1 Show co-host Natalie Pinkham.Credit: Getty

But someone who F1 lovers will see a lot on the track is Ted Kravitz.

Who is Ted Kravitz?

Born on March 21, 1974, Ted Kravitz was raised in Hammersmith, London.

Kravitz, 48, has become synonymous with Formula One coverage due to his unique style and knack for finding himself in awkward situations.

The F1 reporter is very popular amongst the drivers who enjoy his humorous approach and light-hearted demeanor.

He started out at ITV back in 1997 initially as a producer and then became a pitlane reporter in 2002 before joining the BBC in 2009 as F1 moved its coverage.

Kravitz left the BBC with Martin Brundle to join Sky Sports as their coverage of F1 began in 2012.

As part of Sky’s coverage, Kravitz hosts the F1 Show with Natalie Pinkham and has his own segment called Ted’s Notebook.

What controversy has Ted Kravitz previously been in?

Kravitz has found himself in difficult situations during his time as a reporter and at the 2022 Austin Grand Prix his comments suggesting Lewis Hamilton was robbed of an eighth title didn’t go down well with Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

Verstappen and the entire Red Bull team boycotted Sky over the Mexico Grand Prix weekend due to what they called disrespectful reporting.

And during his post-qualifying in Singapore, Kravitz was asked to leave the media zone before protesting to officials.

His 2022 season also ended in an awkward exchange with Nico Hulkenberg as the German driver declaring he didn’t think Kravitz liked him.

But the F1 reporter quickly shut that down by claiming the driver is in fact one of his favourites.


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