What Causes Under Eye Bags and How Can You Solve It

What Causes Under Eye Bags and How Can You Solve It

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So what do you suppose dark, puffy under eye bags say about you?

Although they tend not to impact our vision or health, most people would consider bags under eyes to be unsightly, making us look older and less healthy than we necessarily are.

If you’re tired of dealing with stubborn eye bags, then take a look at some of the root causes behind them and the short-and-long-term solutions to get rid of them.

Why Are There Bags Under My Eyes?

Anyone can develop bags under the eyes for a variety of reasons. However, a few factors tend to make a person more susceptible.

Some people have an inherent predisposition to dark circles and eye bags. Periorbital hyperpigmentation, for instance, is a genetic trait that can cause dark circles to develop more readily. Allergies may also cause the eyes to look puffy, giving the appearance of eye bags.

Age is another major factor. Our skin tends to thin as we grow older. Since the skin under our eyes is already quite thin, blood vessels may become visible and give the appearance of dark circles.

At the same time, the fat and collagen that maintains our skin’s natural elasticity tend to deplete. This makes skin sag, creating drooping areas under our eyes.

And certain lifestyle choices can encourage eye bags to develop, as well.

Most people know that sleep deprivation tends to cause eye bags, but oversleeping can likewise cause the same effect. Eyestrain, caused by lengthy periods of screen time, can also enlarge the blood vessels around your eyes and make the surrounding skin look darker. And even eating a high-salt diet can cause fluid retention, making the skin around the eyes look puffier.

What Can You Do About Under Eye Bags?

The simplest way to treat eye bags is to rectify whatever the root cause. Addressing sleep problems, reducing daily stress levels, and taking a low-sodium diet may be good steps depending on your situation.

If your eye bags are caused by allergies, you can ask your doctor about prescription-strength medication to treat them. If they’re caused by age, treatments like laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and fillers may help improve skin tone and tightness.

In cases when eye bags can’t be remedied by making lifestyle changes, surgery may be an option. Blepharoplasty, a type of eyelid surgery usually involving the removal of excess fat to reduce puffiness, is the most common solution. To learn more about what the procedure entails, you can check out the best blepharoplasty surgeon here.

Clearing Up Eye Bags for a Fresher Look

Although under eye bags aren’t a major health concern, no one wants to live with them if they don’t have to. Knowing what causes eye bags and how to counteract them can help you look younger, healthier, and refreshed.

But under eye bags aren’t the only cosmetic issue we tend to encounter as we age. For all you need to keep yourself looking your best, be sure to follow our latest beauty guides.

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