Tips for Decorating Your Retro-Modern Home

Tips for Decorating Your Retro-Modern Home

Many people think that mixing modern and retro interior design styles is an impossible task, but it actually works better than anyone expects. A style similar to Mid-Century Modern will take you on a journey through time and fascinate you with its many interesting elements. Most of all, it allows you to do practically whatever you like when it comes to decoration, as long as you strike that balance between modern and vintage. Need a few tips? Follow this text and steal some for your retro-modern house. 

Focus on the colors

The right colors will make or break your mix-and-match design. If you’re adding a few retro touches to your living space, know that browns, reds, blacks, pinks, yellows and aqua blues always add that touch of long-past days. All primary colors can work, but make sure they are muted. These shades will create an interior that’s comfortable with a strong natural presence to it. 

Get the right furniture

When choosing furniture, make sure to go for something that will stand the test of time when it comes to quality. For instance, a designer Mid-Century daybed covered in orange or brown tweed will fit into every living room, no matter the size. Add a retro camping blanket to it for some extra charm. If you really went to relive the past, you might get to dig out a gossip bench. This piece of furniture is a table and a bench all in one used for those long landline conversations. Put one in your entryway and you will achieve a great impression.

Make sure to be careful with furniture sizes. Oversized items just clutter up the room, so you might want to opt for smaller options that will add space and freshness to your living room. Neutral colors also help when it comes to opening up your house, so keep that in mind. 

Retro-fy your kitchen

The kitchen is and always was the heart of the home, so make sure to take it with you on your trip through time. If you already have an old kitchen from the 1970s, freshen it up with some new furniture. For instance, checkered, black and white flooring tiles inspired by retro diners will give your kitchen that desirable vintage feel. The result will be a bright space full of new energy and style. 

Add a focal piece to every room

Every room deserves a piece that will set the tone, attract the most attention and tie everything together. If you have a mostly modern house in need of something vintage, don’t hesitate to resort to mixing rustic and farmhouse style and add details like a hand-carved animal skull to your wall. This element will break the monotony and add a lot of drama to your design. If your space leans more towards the retro style and you want to modernize it, opt for a contemporary art sculpture. You can check out Belle Grove homes for sale.

Create a retro accent wall

If you want to localize your love for retro design, why not dedicate one wall to all things vintage. Transform your empty boring wall into a quirky display of graphics, vintage globes and old-school knick-knacks. To boost whimsy even more, you can add a totally unexpected element like a hanging chair! 

Create a reading corner

Your home should always be prepared to provide you with entertainment, go retro with it and create a reading corner. A sunny spot with a chic designer armchair (you can’t go wrong with an Eames chair) will provide you with all the comfort and elegance you need for reading sessions. 

As you can see, you can go wild with all the décor elements and experiment with various colors. With some trial and error, you will have a perfect retro-modern home you’ll be proud to show off! 

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