The Most Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Most Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Caring about the environment means that your actions reflect your wish and responsibility to protect and take good care of it. Not everyone has the power to make a difference to improve the extreme environmental disaster that has been going on for centuries now. For instance, even if everyone used paper instead of plastic straws, marine species would not be saved, providing that factories kept disposing of their industrial waste in water bodies. However, it is imperative for individuals to acquire environmental conscience and make ethical choices so that they show the way to factory owners and to next generations.

A way to spread the message that everyone’s actions matter is to combine your love for a person in your life with your love for the environment by offering them an eco-friendly gift for whatever occasion they’re celebrating.  

In this article, you’ll find 3 ecological gifts that once your friends and family use, they’ll never want to use anything else.

Recycled Jewelry 

There are a lot of ethical jewelry businesses all around the world which use recycled materials to create their products or they use environmentally-friendly techniques to dispose of their waste. You get to buy stunning accessories that look nothing like cheap or fake jewelry, and you also get to feel good for supporting a business that implements your values. Have a look at the handmade recycled glass jewelry by MiNiMiS to see how unique eco-friendly accessories can be.

What is more, if you’re a creative person and you are good at making things, it is easy to learn how to make your own jewelry from scratch by using ethical materials, like threads, or by reusing chains or fabrics that you have in your house. 

Recycled Stationery

If the person you want to buy a gift for is at school, at university or just enjoys the experience of keeping physical notes, doodling and highlighting for work or personal purposes, stationery items can be the perfect gift for them. A notebook or post-it notes that are made out of recycled paper or pens and markers made out of recycled plastic not only function as a normal stationery item would but also they look unique. 

Travel Mug

For a coffee lover, a recycled portable mug is the ideal gift. They can use it whether they enjoy making their own coffee at home and taking it to work or they can ask the barista at their favorite coffee shop to pour their order in their mug instead of using a plastic or paper cup that they’ll have to throw away once their coffee is over. Either a plain or with a beautiful design on it, a portable mug is a practical gift. You can also make sure that the mug is a thermos bottle in order to keep its contents cold or hot for longer compared to normal portable mugs. 

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