Responsible Resource Management

Responsible Resource Management

From the exploitation and harm caused to our planet Mother Earth, people have a general idea of the concept of resource management. One should understand clearly that proper management of resources is the only way to save and protect our environment. To survive and be safe, sustainability is highly required and needs to be consistent. Let’s make a habit of adopting this mantra that will make a change which is, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. A lot of organizations have been initiating specific movements and activities to make an establishment and bring utmost awareness to the people, some of the major organizations are WWF-Australia, ACOR, reusable coffee cups in Australia, etc. 

Types of resources and their uses

Natural Resources 

Natural resources are resources, which are not and cannot be provided for by people through his or her initiative skills but are only provided for by nature itself. A natural resource exists as a separate entity such as fresh air, water, as well as living organisms. We depend on natural resources so much that most of our activities use natural resources or derived products. Many resources are used to make the different products that we use. Everything from construction materials, electronic books, jewelry, etc anything you can think comes from a natural resource or a combination of them. 

Human Resources

Human Resource Planning is an efficient interaction of gauging both the imminent interest for and supply of labor, and work of abilities with the targets of the association. It can likewise be named as the technique for evaluating the labor necessities to guarantee that the correct sort of abilities is made accessible to the association. Some of the benefits of human resource management are hiring and training the workforce to be efficient and bring out the best output, also takes care of keeping the environment clean, and helps the people to feel most comfortable in the lifestyle. Examples of man-made resources include plastic, paper, soda, sheet metal, rubber, and brass. One of the major ways that will help to sustain these resources is to recycle and reuse them. Recycle of products can be used for more than one time for use, such as paper, paper cups, wood, etc. Also, some organizations help in the process of reuse and recycle such as the reusable coffee cups in Australia, and many other organizations as we discussed earlier above.

Environmental Resources

An environmental resource is any material, service, or information from the environment that is valuable to society. The climate (climate as source) is the storage facility of all our material riches. A portion of these assets, like daylight, air and water are boundless. Others are either sustainable as every one of the living elements that have a limit with regards to development. Only we the people can take a step and protect our environment as it is a major asset to us and we are the core to this source. Sustainability in environmental resource management involves managing economic, social, and ecological systems both within and outside an organizational entity so it can sustain itself and the system it exists in.

Water Resources

Water resources are referred to as sources of water that are useful or potentially useful. Uses of water include agricultural uses, generation of electricity, industrial uses, household uses, recreational uses, and environmental activities. Some sources of water include rain, sea, stream, lake, pond, borehole, and well. One must keep in mind the prevention cures that cause harm to this resource. Polluting the water bodies by many means of ways is to be strictly prohibited as it does nothing good but major harm to our resources and environment.

Let us take a step and decision to make a change and bring out the true beauty of this planet and live most comfortably and happily.

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