New Year Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

New Year Tips to Spice up Your Relationship

New year, new you. Gotcha. But what about your relationship with that special person in your life?

This is worth adding to your New Year’s resolution list, especially since more than 33% of people in the United States aren’t fulfilled in their sexual relationships. 

Are you ready for your relationship to become more intimate? Or, dare we say — hot?

We’re happy to help you out. 

Start with these New Year tips to take your relationship to the next level. 

Add Some Toys to Your Bedroom

If you’re ready to explore new things, there’s a toy for that. Toys are great for solo play, but can also ramp up your sex with your relationship partner. 

You can shop for adult toys that will add new dimensions to your relationship. Examples of some sex toys that you will appreciate include vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, handcuffs, sex furniture, gags, whips, and so many others. 

Make sure that you keep your toys nice and clean and explore what you like about them with your partner. 

Spice up Your Relationship by Embracing Your Own Sexuality

Sexuality with your partner is one thing, but it all begins with you. When you feel free to embrace your sexuality, you will show up more open and available to anyone that you share a bed with. 

Figure out your kinks and become familiar with your body and what you like. 

Schedule time for yourselves to spend time without distraction or anything to do. This way, you can have open and honest conversations that can open you up to each other. 

Throw Some Roleplaying Into the Mix

When you use your imagination, you will be better able to feel confident and in control during sex. Roleplay allows you and the person you’re in a relationship with to be as imaginative and carefree as kids again. 

Engaging in roleplay can help you fuel sexual fantasies that can take your bedroom adventures to the next level. This level of play will let you learn things about each other that you didn’t know, and can make sex hotter than ever. 

Explore the Sexual Arts

If you’re trying to spice up your sex life, you also have countless volumes of research at your fingertips whenever you’re ready to do a deep dive. 

Many people study and practice the tantric arts in order to embrace the divine masculine and feminine principles and to become more present and engaged during sex. 

When you engage in tantra, you can learn things like deep breathing exercises, semen retention, and how to exchange energy with your sex partner. 

People like Mantak Chia, Esther Perel, and David Deida have all dedicated their lives to helping people master and understand sexuality as well. 

Put These New Year Tips to Use in Your Relationship

These New Year tips are essential for anyone trying to spice things up. Start with the points above and you’ll add some heat to the bedroom in 2022 and beyond. 

Check out our other articles when you’re ready to learn some tips and tricks to help your relationship. 

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