How To Write A Great Tribute for Your Parents

How To Write A Great Tribute for Your Parents

Have you ever written a letter, message or poem to appreciate anyone? That is a tribute. Although it is often used interchangeably with eulogy, as both are used to convey admiration and gratitude.

A major difference is that while eulogy is a speech recited at a funeral, a tribute can come in the form of a speech, an award, or even an event or service to celebrate someone, living or dead. Your tribute could also be in the form of a message on a headstone. You will need the service of Headstone Memorials Hawkesbury to make a great headstone.

Choosing the message to write to your parents in a tribute can be challenging. With the many images and scenarios that come to mind, you can have a hard time choosing exactly the words to be said, printed or carved into stone.

In writing a tribute, the very last thing to worry about is your writing skills. You don’t need to be a skilled writer to write an iconic tribute. What matters the most is writing honestly and sensitively. To author your best tribute yet, these few tips might come in handy.

Decide on a theme

Knowing the theme you want to pattern your tribute after helps to decide a lot of things. Your theme could be humorous, artistic, light hearted, religious or sentimental. A humorous theme would involve telling a joke or making light-hearted remarks every now and then. While a religious theme might have you including quotations from holy books. You might even make your tribute a blend of different themes to give a beautiful, wholesome entity.

Choose an introduction

You wouldn’t want to bore people with a long and dry speech. The best way to get people interested in what you have to say or have them read is by catching their attention with your introduction. You can choose to start off by telling a joke, a quote or even a short story. 

Decide on a voice

Choosing the tone of your message is important to how your tribute turns out. You can decide to structure your message as though you were in a conversation with your parents or you can choose to write from the viewpoint of a narrator. Deciding on what would work best given the situation and the tales you want to tell is vital.

Talk about their personality

Are your parents the type to go the extra mile to help someone? Talk about it. How did your parents put a smile on your face? How did they help you overcome challenges in your personal and professional life? Think of the positive impact your parents have made on your life and that of others and make a tribute out of it.

Talk about their accomplishments

The entire aim of a tribute is to make someone feel appreciated. Talking about your parent’s 

achievements is a great way to make them feel proud of themselves. What were their career’s greatest achievements? Did they win any awards? 

One thing you should, however, remember when listing achievements is to avoid making it drab and boring. Add a little backstory to some awards when you can.

Remember, in writing a tribute, there are no right or wrong methods. The most important thing is to be sincere and aim to convey appreciation and admiration, which is the main purpose of writing.

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