Plan a romantic anniversary outing in 5 steps

Plan a romantic anniversary outing in 5 steps

Every year spent with your significant other is another year to cherish. As you reach a milestone anniversary, you may feel compelled to do something a bit special to celebrate your life together.

If you are not sure how to celebrate, consider planning a romantic anniversary outing, you both will remember for years to come.

Start by choosing a destination.

Start by choosing your ultimate destination for the evening. Is there a special rock concert in town? Is there a show you have always wanted to see together? You don’t need to limit yourself to your local vicinity, especially if you reside in a metropolitan city. Do not be afraid to travel to a show, concert, or sporting event; just make sure you are doing something you both will love.

Plan dinner in advance

Make reservations for your anniversary dinner as far in advance as you can. You will want to time your dinner reservation for either before or after the main event of the evening. If you plan on dining before your dinner, you will want to make sure you have given yourself enough time to enjoy a relaxing meal without urgency. If you feel the need to rush to get to the theatre or arena on time, your better half will not be able to enjoy herself.

Make sure the restaurant you visit knows about your plan to dazzle your better half and arrange special anniversary cakes. Many restaurants send their cake menu in advance for booking and celebratory arrangements.

Stay over at a bed and breakfast hotel.

Sometimes simply getting away from home and the kids can be an incredible experience. If you are travelling to enjoy your anniversary outing, you may want to consider booking a hotel room so that you do not have to travel home late at night. Staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast can be incredibly romantic and will give you some extra time to spend with your loved one while you both feel pampered. While you may want to choose a simple hotel room, you should also look into special packages at hotels that offer honeymoon suites or anniversary packages.

Hire a cab agency

Want to have a special evening without worrying about a designated driver? Hiring a corporate cab service to take you to your dinner, event, hotel, or home is a great way to ensure you can both kick back, relax, and enjoy your time together. Driving can be incredibly stressful – especially if you are visiting an area you are not used to. Pre-booked cab services can be incredibly affordable, so you should at least compare prices before ruling out this part of your anniversary surprise. Let someone else take the wheel while you enjoy the company of your significant other.

Get someone to babysit

Do you have children who are not old enough to be left alone at home? Do you have pets who simply can not be left overnight? Make sure you remember to book or get your parents or friend to babysit, pet sit (or both) well in advance. You may even want to make sure you have a backup plan in case the person you choose falls ill or simply backs out. There is nothing worse than having a spectacular anniversary planned only to find you have no one to care for the kids.

Take some time to think about romantic destinations or events you have never had the chance to experience together. Plan the outing together, or plan it as a surprise – the choice is up to you. Just make sure you have the time of your life!

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