Let’s Get Personal: 5 Personalized Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Let’s Get Personal: 5 Personalized Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

2020 is a year of chaos, pandemics, and wildfires, just to name a few aspects of what is going on. It has never been more clear that life is not to be taken for granted, and should be celebrated every single day. If there has ever been a year to celebrate for no particular reason, it is without a doubt, this one.

Whether you want to brighten someone’s day just because, or you’re planning your holiday shopping, personalized gifts will show not only how much you truly know them, but also that you really care. Read on to learn the five best-personalized gifts for any occasion. 

1. Personalized Garden Stone

This is one of the best-personalized gifts for mom or grandma that you could find. You can either buy it and get it engraved, such as with the kids’ names or birthstones, or you can get a kit that you can personally do.

It is most often made of polyresin and sand and can be placed in the garden as an ornament, or be an added decoration around the house. 

2. Wooden Name Puzzle

This is a personalized gift for kids. There are so many different variations of this, but most contain capitalized letters, usually having a total of 9 characters allowed. 

They come in bright rainbow colors or pastels and allow young ones to have fun while learning how to spell their name. It is a gift they can keep forever and even pass on to their kids. 

3. Personalized Shoes

These personalized shoes are a great pair of presents for an abundance of reasons. They can be gifted to anyone, no matter the age, gender, or occasion, as you can create them to suit the exact person you’re shopping for. They will know how much thought you put into them, either personalizing the colors, pictures, or even adding their name. 

They are practical and can be something that is used every day. They are even a great idea as wedding gifts, either for the wedding party or as wedding favors, with a cute picture of the married couple. 

4. Personalized Key Chain 

Everyone uses a key chain, so you can’t go wrong getting one personalized! This could be a great romantic gift, perhaps engraving your anniversary, your names, or even a romantic quote. It could be a great best friend gift, engraving an inside joke. 

You can even get a handwritten message or a doodle engraved depending on the manufacturer, a loving reminder for your special someone. 

5. State Scented Candle

With quarantines keeping families apart, state scented candles are one of the best-personalized gifts of 2020. Each candle is a scent that is reminiscent of that particular state, allowing the receiver of the gift to feel what they cannot physically experience. 

This is particularly great for families who live far apart, to bring that special slice of home right to them. You could gift this for any occasion, but it might have the most impact during the holidays. 

Personalized Gifts for Any Occasion 

When you are choosing your personalized gifts, it truly depends on who you are buying for, no matter the occasion. If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, but don’t want to buy the same thing you do every year, you can’t go wrong with getting something personalized. 

Check out these five options and consider going all-personalized this holiday season! Browse through even more of our articles for all types of tips you might need. 

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