How Vaping Works: A Basic Guide

You’ve been thinking about quitting your smoking habit for a long time. Every time you try to put them down, however, you end up picking them right back up. You’ve heard that electronic cigarettes can help you cut the habit for good.

You’ve been thinking about giving it a try, but you would like to know how vaping works before you invest in it. Is it any safer than regular cigarettes? You would hate to kick one bad habit, only to stick yourself into another.

Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about vaping and find out if it’s right for you.

What Is Vaping? 

Alright, first things first. How does vaping work? It’s a device that uses heated wires to turn liquid into a vapor that the user can inhale. 

The e-liquid that is used in a standard convection vape usually contains some kind of nicotine, but it doesn’t have to. That’s all a matter of personal tastes and preferences. 

The juice comes in all sorts of different flavors from breakfast foods to candy. This makes vaping a very personal experience that almost anyone can enjoy. 

Parts of the Vape

To truly grasp how vapes work, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different parts.

Part of having a good first experience is finding the right device for you. If you don’t know the basic terminology it will be harder for you to do that. 


Without the atomizer, there is no vape. It’s the part that turns the liquid into vapor. There are two different types of atomizers. The ones that are built into the tank and the ones that aren’t. 

If you want to try your hand at making huge smoke clouds, you’ll need to spring for a vape that has a sub-ohm atomizer. 


The tank is the area of the vape where you’ll insert the liquid. In disposable devices, the tank is also known as the cartridge. As the name suggests, these are meant to be used only once. 

If you’re thinking about upgrading your vape for performance reasons, this is the first part you should consider replacing. You might be able to find one with fancy features that will give you a richer experience. 


The battery is the thing that powers the device. Pretty self-explanatory. When choosing a battery, lithium-ion is the way to go because they’re rechargeable. 

If you want something that’s a little lighter than your basic lithium-ion battery, there are options available for that as well. 


The coil is a small part that’s found inside the atomizer. Its job is to heat up the liquid that comes up out of the wick. 

Even if you buy a high-quality device, there may come a time when you’ll need to replace your coil


The wick is a cloth material that’s typically made out of cotton, wool, mesh, or rayon. Its purpose is to absorb the e-liquid and send it up toward the coil so it can be heated and vaporized. 

Is Vaping Safe? 

There’s an age-old debate: is vaping safe? Many would argue that it’s not. Some of the juices still have nicotine, which has addictive qualities. 

Most of the juices also come in flavors that attract minors such as cotton candy. Even with these factors in mind, vaping is still less dangerous than cigarettes. 

What makes cigarettes so bad isn’t the nicotine. It’s the tar and other chemicals. It gets into your lungs and causes a wide array of diseases. 

Vapes don’t give off these dangerous chemicals. If you want to opt-out of nicotine, there are juices out there that don’t contain it. 

As far as physical symptoms go, the worst thing you’ll experience is a dry throat. There’s a small chance that you’ll have a reaction to the propylene glycol in the juice, but that’s rare. 

Can It Help Someone Quit Cigarettes?

The answer is yes. Vaping can help you put the cigarettes down. For one, the act of vaping is very similar to smoking.

There are juice flavors out there that even mimic the taste of cigarettes. You’ll be able to sort of trick your brain into thinking that you’re smoking.  

The juice also contains a trace amount of nicotine. The strength varies from juice to juice so, you can slowly wing yourself off of it. 

How to Inhale 

If you don’t learn how to vape and inhale the vapor the wrong way, it might ruin the entire experience for you. There are two ways you can inhale the vapor. 

The first way is mouth to lung. It works best if you’re using a small vape and closely mimics the feeling of smoking a cigarette. 

Draw the vapor into your mouth and hold it there for a few seconds. Open your mouth and breath the vapor into your lungs before you exhale. 

The next method is called direct-lung. It’s easier to pull off if you’re using a larger vape. Pull the vapor into your lungs without holding it in your mouth first and exhale. 

As a side note, direct-lung isn’t too pleasant if you’re using an e-liquid that contains a high amount of nicotine. 

Learning How Vaping Works 

If you’re trying to quit cigarettes, you should learn about how vaping works. While it still has its own share of problems, it’s better for you than cigarettes. 

Its ability to mimic the taste and feel of smoking will make it easy for you to drop the habit while not getting addicted to another one. 

If you still don’t trust vaping after reading this article, don’t worry. There are other ways to quit that don’t involve pulling any kind of smoke into your lungs. Check out the health section of our blog for a few more anti-smoking tips and tricks. 

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