How to Take Good Product Photos: 6 Fool-Proof Tips for Beginners

How to Take Good Product Photos: 6 Fool-Proof Tips for Beginners

Did you know that 69% of Americans shop online? Hence, you need to give clear, eye-catching photos of your products to reach these people. A stunning product photo is worth countless website visits.

Want to dive into taking product photos for your e-commerce strategy? Read on to learn all about it. In this guide, we will explain how to take good product photos.

1. Proper Lighting

Lighting for product photography comes in two types: artificial lighting and natural lighting. In determining which one to use, you need to consider:

Natural lighting is ideal for product photography of edible items, people, and clothing. You can use these natural-looking shots on social media platforms such as Instagram.

On the flip side, taking better photos of products with minute details need artificial lighting. Products sold on Google and Amazon use this type of lighting.

2. Use a Tripod

Tripods make a significant difference in the clarity and quality of your photos. They reduce the blur in your shots and are easy to use. They’re stands that hold a camera steady compared to having it in your shaking hand.

3. Shoot for the Edit

While editing is a talent that can improve the quality of a product photo, it has limits.

Try to always shoot for the edit. This way, you’ll shoot knowing that you’ll only do the finishing touches after. It will result in a far more desirable outcome when you edit product photos.

Also, check out these photo editing types. It can show you techniques to use when editing your shots.

4. Take Inspiration From Other Brands

It’s always beneficial to look for inspiration from others. List down your favorite well-known brands. Examine their style and consider how a comparable shot or method can work for your own.

5. Follow the Rule of Thirds

Most beginner photography classes teach the rule of thirds because it’s efficient. This rule helps you to visualize your canvas as nine equal portions. It’ll make a well-balanced composition in every product photo.

Aim to place your product along the lines or at the intersection of two lines. Following this gives more depth to your photos.

6. Use Props

Keep in mind that your product should be the main focus of each shot. Yet, props do brighten up a photo for your customers.

When it comes to props, place them on the side of light. They should be simple, in line with the color scheme, and relevant to the setting or your product.

Learn How to Take Good Product Photos Today

Don’t take for granted the importance of product photos. They’re what convinces people to buy your products, even more so with online shopping. If you don’t have high-quality product photos on your website, you might be missing out on a lot of sales.

We hope you learned how to take good product photos with this guide. If you want to learn more, check out the rest of our materials.

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