How Much Does a Class Ring Cost?

How Much Does a Class Ring Cost?

The graduation ring dates back to at least the 1800s when West Point graduates started the tradition. Since then, the tradition has proliferated outward to high schools and colleges across the country. Whether it’s you or a child approaching graduation, you want to commemorate the moment.

You’ve come here asking for the answer to one key question: what does a class ring cost? The answer can vary a lot depending on what you want out of the ring.

Keep reading and we’ll cover the costs of a class ring, whether it’s worth it, and how to approach a class ring.

What Does a Class Ring Cost?

Some of the cost of a class ring comes from the metal itself. A ring made of alloy steel and a ring made of silver will carry different costs. The nicer and more precious the material, the greater the cost.

Other things drive the value past that of the base materials, though. Customizations, gemstone selection, and coatings can drive that price further up. Read more about how long to wear your high school class ring before deciding on all your customizations.


A typical high school or college class ring will allow some personalizations. Common options include your name, the name of your school, and your graduation year. In most cases, these come with the ring.

More ornate customizations will drive the price up further. Some rings have side plates with club or sports team themes. Others might emblazon the school’s mascot atop a background of a different color.

The more you customize, the more you can expect to pay. Some customizations will also require a larger ring, which can get expensive quickly if you’ve chosen a precious ring material.


The gemstone you choose plays a major role in the cost of the ring. For the most part, a gemstone’s shape will not affect the cost, unless it comes with a significant increase in size. Its type and clarity, however, do play a key role.

Some manufacturers offer gems with high clarity and a brilliant overall appearance. Others provide clear stones that lend their color and texture to a school insignia underneath. The more elaborate the stone and setting, though, the more you can expect to pay.


Some manufacturers offer gold or rose gold coatings over rings of other materials. These coatings can add shine and bring out the true radiance of some gemstone choices.

If you have your heart set on a particular stone, the right coating choice can make it pop more. Not all gemstones match all ring colors.

Represent Your History in School

A class ring with a nice stone and setting can cost a lot. What does not getting a class ring cost, though? That ring can serve as a marker of many precious high school memories, so consider the choice of whether to skip one or purchase one carefully.

High school and college give us a lot of the stories we tell people over the course of our lives. If you’re interested in people’s stories and feelings, check out our stories section.

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