Here is What you Need to Know Before you Charter in Croatia

Here is What you Need to Know Before you Charter in Croatia

If you want to sail in amazing, various tourist hotspots in Croatia, a luxury yacht is the perfect solution. Check out some top yacht charters in Croatia. However, before you plan your journey, you must carefully look at various important points which will help you charter a great yacht in Croatia.

1. How many people will be on the boat: 

This is the first thing that you must consider. The number of people you want to take with you, will decide how big a yacht you will hire. Check out the deck space, cabin space and other features of the yacht.

2. Are you looking for a crew: 

If you do not have the experience to sail a yacht, you must hire a crew such as a captain. When you hire the crew service, do not forget to reserve a place for them and their belongings as they will be staying on board for the duration of your cruise.

3. Which model is right for you: 

When you are looking at various models of a yacht, then in addition to the accommodation, you also must look at what luxury features you want within your budget. The bigger the size of the yacht and the more luxury features it has; its price will be substantially higher.

4. How to book the yacht: 

To book a yacht in Croatia, you must contact a company that provides yacht charters in Croatia. The company will ask you for your budget and your requirements and based on it, the company will show you a range of photos of the yacht. You can ask any questions and can also visit the yacht to check all the features. Once you have made a choice, you must pay 50% of the deposit to secure the vessel. The rest of the money you must pay before your arrival.

5. For how long you can book a yacht: 

Most companies that charter yachts do it on a week-long basis. However, you will find that the average length of time a company charters a yacht is for 10 days. If you want to spend more time, you must negotiate with the company that charters the yacht.

6. What qualification you should have to charter a yacht: 

If you want to charter a yacht on your own without a crew, you must have a valid certificate of competence that is acceptable in the country where you have chartered the yacht. Additionally, you must have a valid VHF license so that you can operate the wireless set that is present in the yacht to communicate.

7. Any additional cost you may have to pay: 

In addition to the yacht charter fee, you must pay for the fuel, marina fee, and any cost that is linked with your crew.

8. Can you take pets on your cruise: 

It will depend upon the rules the charter company follows. Therefore, you must check with the company that offers yacht charters in Croatia to know more about their rules about pets. 

These are just some of the things that you must keep in mind when you plan to hire a yacht to sail around the beautiful Croatian coast and enjoy a great time on your boat.

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