These Are the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

These Are the Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

When we have an attractive smile, we can’t help but feel good about ourselves. No doubt, having straight teeth boosts our confidence but, did you know that the benefits of straight teeth are more than just an improved physical appearance?

Actually, perfectly straight teeth are vital for good health. How so? Here are a few reasons.

Better Digestion

The digestion process begins the moment you put food in your mouth. If you don’t chew your food thoroughly, it can give your digestive system a hard time and make you miss out on absorbing essential nutrients in your diet.

Digestion issues are common among people who have crooked teeth. Due to the uneven alignment, chewing food is a lot more challenging, making it difficult for your food to be digested after swallowing. Having straight teeth allows you to chew your food well and digest it without extra trouble.

Plus, chewing right helps you receive all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function correctly.

Easier Maintenance

Crooked teeth are a lot more challenging to clean due to any separations and overlapping. It makes it easier for bacteria and harmful germs to reside in your mouth, promoting tooth decay and increasing risks of oral diseases. 

On the other hand, perfectly straight teeth are much easier to clean and maintain. You’re able to brush or floss efficiently, allowing you to remove any excess food or plaque that has built up in your mouth without any trouble. Plus, when a task is that simple, it’s easier for you to make a habit out of it.

Fewer Headaches and Neck Pains

Malaligned teeth can lead to frequent headaches and neck pain due to the imbalance in the mouth. The pressure is distributed unevenly and gives the jaw joint more work, resulting in pain. With straight teeth, your chances of suffering constant head and neck pains are reduced.

Boosts Self-Esteem 

Your smile has a big influence on your self-esteem. If you’re not confident about your smile, it’ll affect many aspects of your life, from socializing with people to laughing or even smiling. Aligned teeth give you that confidence and make you feel good about yourself. This will affect how you carry out tasks in your day-to-day life. 

Healthier Mouth 

One of the greatest benefits of having straight teeth is that it decreases your chances of any mouth injuries or diseases.

You have fewer chances of food getting stuck between odd places or grime accumulating in awkward angles of your mouth. When food or plaque builds up, and you fail to remove it properly, it can cause inflammation, which can cause gum disease and, eventually, other harmful diseases.

You won’t have this problem with perfectly straight teeth. Your risk of developing diseases runs much lower. 

Spacious Mouth

Crooked, twisted, or overlapped teeth take up unnecessary space in your mouth. Perhaps this doesn’t sound like much of a big deal until it’s time for you to get an implant or cosmetic dentistry done. If you’ve lost any adult teeth or need some replacement work done, you cannot receive any kind of treatment unless your teeth are straight.

Straight teeth will always give your dentist an easier time to perform work on your teeth. This will help you to feel more comfortable when you have to visit your dentist. 

Improved Speech 

A crooked smile can give you problems when it comes to speaking. Due to the misplacement of your teeth, your tongue might not be able to move the way it should, making it tough for you to pronounce things right. Straightening out your teeth can improve your speech drastically.

Fewer Chances of Developing TMJ

When your teeth are imbalanced, they may put the temporomandibular joint under a lot of stress, leading to TMJ-related disorders. TMJ can cause severe headaches, neck pains, massive discomfort in your jaw area, and in some extreme cases, prevent you from chewing properly. 

With straight teeth, your jaw and joints don’t have to work so hard and are able to relax the way they should.

Don’t Wear Out as Fast

With crooked teeth, the misalignment in your smile means that you put a lot more pressure on your teeth and jaw when it comes to biting your favorite foods. Having straight teeth will prevent any harsh bites, which means your teeth won’t wear out as quickly as it would if you have malaligned teeth. 

How Can You Straighten Your Teeth?

There are several ways to fix a misalignment in your smile aside from getting the traditional, fixed braces. Dentists have recommended their patients easier or cheaper alternatives, such as wearing an Invisalign or short-term braces that last about 6 months. For professional teeth straightening procedures, you can make your teeth feel good with dentist in sacramento.

Either way, the most sensible thing to do is to speak with your dentist first before making any decision. They’ll know precisely what kind of treatment works for you and how long you should receive treatment. 

Treatments for crooked teeth are also available for kids. At such a young age, kids must have healthy, straight teeth, as this can affect the development of the jaw as well as the face structure. Getting orthopedic dental treatment early can prevent problems from worsening.  

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Straight Teeth

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of straight teeth, you no doubt want to get a head start on getting treatment. Having perfect teeth is vital for healthy physical and emotional health, and the sooner you get to it, the faster you can start enjoying the perks of having a perfectly straight smile.

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