Sono Bello Vs. CoolSculpting: Cost, Results, Side-Effects & Recovery Time

If you want to remove excess fat and get your body in shape, the two best ways that come to mind are Sono Bello and CoolSculpting. You might have heard about these two before and wondered how CoolSculpting technology differs from Sono Bellos micro-laser lipo. Even though the goal of both the procedures is to eliminate unwanted bulges and remove excess fat with a streamlined finish, there are several distinctions between the two. 

When you consider a procedure like Sono Bello, you need to be realistic about what your experience might look like. To help you find the best of the two, we have compared Sono Bello and CoolSculpting on four major factors below. So, let’s find out what’s better CoolSculpting or Sono Bello ?

Distinction by Cost

When it comes to choosing a procedure, the cost can be a significant distinctive factor. The final price of both treatments varies, depending on provider expertise, geographic location, and the size, location, and number of treatment areas. The average cost, however, is between $2000 and $4000 for CoolSculpting and $2500 and $4500 for Sono Bello. 

Distinction by Results 

Sono Bello and CoolSculpting are both designed with a common goal– to eliminate unwanted fat throughout the body. 

CoolSculpting involves controlled cooling to freeze and destroy stubborn fat bulges. It is a non-invasive body contouring treatment. It doesn’t include any incisions, anesthesia, surgery, and scarring and is perfect for both women and men with pinchable fat rolls.

Sono Bello, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure requiring anesthesia, small incisions, and manual extraction of excess adipose tissue. Sono Bello is mainly used to reduce small and more significant volumes of fat.

Distinction by Recovery Time

CoolSculpting has one edge over Sono Bello – that it doesn’t require any recovery or downtime. In fact, immediately after treatment, you are free to go about your day without any restrictions imposed. Sono Bello, on the other hand, requires you to take some days off from work, and you may experience soreness and tenderness for up to a week, so you might have to stay off some activities. 

Distinction by Process

Sono Bello allows you to adjust the procedure so that you do what is best for you to contour your body goals. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, will enable you to achieve the desired slimming results without scarring. 

Sono Bello is much more invasive and requires the use of a surgical instrument such as an incision, a needle, and a large amount of blood. Although the procedure has fewer scars and cuts, it also causes less pain, so the recovery time passes faster. If you do not mind and do not have any problems with anesthesia or incisions, Sono Bello is for you.

Distinction by Side-effects 

The side-effects of Sono Bello can be more pronounced, more prolonged – and last longer.

CoolSculpting side effects are not that long-lasting and very mild. They may, however, include redness, swelling, and numbness.


This is all you needed to know about which body contour treatment is right for you. We hope that the comparison of all the factors has helped you decide which procedure is best suited to your needs. Before going for a procedure, you can read more to learn more about it and also see what real people have to say about their experiences, including whether it’s worth it. You will have a better opinion, and you can make an even better decision. 

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