Skilled Nursing Facility vs Rehab Hospital: A Quick Comparison

Skilled Nursing Facility vs Rehab Hospital: A Quick Comparison

One of the biggest challenges of caretaking is deciding on the best healthcare solutions for your aging parents. You have to consider current health along with long-term care needs.

Should they age in place, move into a rehab hospital, or try a skilled nursing facility? The best solution depends on a number of factors, including health, cognitive state, injuries, and activity levels.

Aging seniors are more prone to injuries, which is why many of them stay at rehabs and skilled nursing centers to recover.

Is there a difference between a skilled nursing facility vs rehab? Which is right for your parent’s needs?

Let’s break down the differences and similarities to find the right choice for your family.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Needs

The biggest difference between rehab centers and skilled nursing options is the level of intensiveness. The gravity of your parent’s injuries may warrant a short stay in a rehab center, while more severe injuries may call for long-term solutions at a skilled nursing facility.

A rehab facility may be a good choice for injured seniors aging in place. If they can recover quickly enough to resume at-home care, a short-term rehab solution may work best. However, seniors with advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s may require more intensive healthcare solutions from a skilled nursing facility.

Consult with your parent’s doctor, at-home care staff, and other medical professionals to decide whether short or long-term help is appropriate.

When Short-Term Rehab is Necessary

Short-term rehab is ideal for common senior injuries, like slips and falls, routine surgery recovery, wound care, kitchen burns, and even virus recovery. Seniors may also visit rehab after minor strokes and infection.

Rehab patients require less intensive medical care, but still have access to physical therapy, medications, meals, doctor’s visits, speech pathology, and antibiotics.

There’s also the difference between inpatient and outpatient services. If your parent needs minimal recovery help, less intensive outpatient treatment may work best. Inpatient is appropriate for seniors who need more help with mobility and personal care.

What Does a Skilled Nursing Facility Do?

Skilled nursing facilities are the same as skilled rehab. Whenever you see the word “skilled,” it means the highest level nurses are on-hand to help. Patients and families can expect more medical solutions, intensive therapies, and intravenous injections.

Skilled nursing facilities are staffed with experienced certified nursing assistants or CNAs, and on-site medical doctors. These facilities are ideal for seniors and patients with grave injuries and diseases, like terminal illnesses, severe car accident injuries, and other ailments that require 24-hour care.

Patients enjoy custodial care benefits, like bathroom assistance, getting in and out of bed, attending to bedpans, and personal care assistance.

If your parent is recovering from illness and injury, their doctor will assess the severity of the situation and recommend an appropriate solution.

Know the Difference Between a Skilled Nursing Facility vs Rehab

Are you stuck on finding the right medical solution for your senior parents? Talk to their doctor to learn more about the pros and cons of a skilled nursing facility vs rehab.

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