Pediatric Dentists 101: 5 Things Parents Should Know

Pediatric Dentists 101: 5 Things Parents Should Know

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Researchers have discovered that good oral health connects to your overall health. Neglecting your teeth can lead to gum disease. This can also lead to a number of serious health issues, including even heart disease.

One of the best ways to ensure your children have healthy teeth is to instill good dental habits while they’re still young. Choosing a dentist is one of the first steps, but how do you decide?

We go over 5 things you need to consider in order to decide between pediatric dentists.

1. Look Pediatric Dentists with the Proper Training

If you want to know how to choose a dentist for kids, look at his or her experience. Pediatric dentists go through 2-3 years of extra training after dental school. Some have training in treating children with special needs, as well.  

2. Pick the Right Environment

Going to the dentist can be scary for kids. That’s why it’s important to ensure your child feels comfortable in the office and with the staff. A pediatric dentist’s office should be bright and cheerful, a place where your child feels safe and comforted.

In particular, the staff should be warm and welcoming, which will go a long way to calming your child’s fears.

3. Find a Proactive Dentist

Did you know children are more apt to experience tooth decay? That’s because baby teeth have tiny grooves, which makes it difficult to keep them clean. Even regular brushing is not always enough to prevent cavities.

A proactive dentist may choose treatments that help prevent tooth decay, such as dental sealant or fluoride treatment.

4. Provides Good Customer Service

Above all, you want to choose a dentist who treats you like family. Going to the dentist is unsettling enough. The last thing you want is an experience that leaves you or your child feeling even more uncomfortable.

5. Ask for a Consultation Before Choosing Anyone

It’s a good idea to go through a consultation with the dentists on your list. This will give you a chance to check out the office, meet the staff, and just see how you and your child feel about the environment.

Other Things to Consider

Your first meeting with prospective dentists provides an opportunity to ask questions. Think of it as a job interview. You want to understand every aspect of your child’s oral health, as well as the dentist’s philosophy when providing dental care for kids. 

You also want to consider practical matters:

If the dentist does offer teeth straightening services, ask about the minimum age for Invisalign.

Everything You Need to Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Choosing from the many pediatric dentists out there can be a challenge. These 5 tips will help narrow your options so you find the right one and your child will enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

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