How to Improve Your Abstract Thinking Skills

How to Improve Your Abstract Thinking Skills

In our day and age, everything needs data and proof. Over two million research articles are published every year. However, all that data becomes useless if you can’t understand the meaning of those numbers and patterns. 

This is one of the reasons why we need to develop and advance our abstract thinking skills.

Don’t fret if that sounds too complex and difficult. We’re here to help. Read on to learn more about the importance of abstract thinking and how to develop it. 

Why Do You Need Abstract Thinking? 

Abstract thinking involves understanding concepts like vulnerability and freedom. It’s the ability to absorb all information to make connections with a wider point of view. With abstract thinking, you can understand plenty of subjects on a more complex level. 

You don’t need a detailed description to understand non-language based info like mathematical formulas. Abstract thinking is the key to understanding complex problem-solving. Some examples of abstract thinking include storytelling, predicting, and overthinking. 

Abstract thinking is one of the reasons why COMT is important. You can learn more about it here. 

How to Develop Your Abstract Thoughts

Abstract thinking won’t show much unless you advance how you think. Below are some abstract thinking exercises you can use to improve your abstract thoughts. 

Create Theories and Analogies

Theories are things that don’t have a physical form like respect or feminism. Theories and analogies can trigger an understanding of more than one thing. It makes your brain work harder since it’s trying to think of something new and connecting two things. 

Theories need explanations and concrete data to prove that it’s a conjecture, making it an abstract thought. Analogies involve making a relationship between two things. You have to make use of a simile such as “the girl is as sweet as sugar.”

Use Your Imagination

Your imagination plays a big part in developing your abstract thinking. Imagination needs you to think of things that aren’t real with no physical form. It gets your brain thinking and picturing things that you can’t explain, but it has a story. 

Keep Asking, “Why?

Never settle a question or action without a proper answer. Asking “why?” helps you get into a higher level of abstraction. When you can answer “why?” you can get a bigger perspective on the problem. 

Take Breaks Often 

Constantly using abstract thinking is a great way to improve your abstract thinking, but it can tire your brain. If you’re stuck in a problem, a good solution is by taking a quick nap or a full night’s rest. 

Sleeping can disrupt your thinking, which allows you to approach the problem with new thoughts. Even one of the most popular inventors, Thomas Edison, took naps. It helped him think with a lighter body and new, fresh ideas. 

Start Improving Your Abstract Thinking Skills

Abstract thinking is a great skill to help you understand beyond what you read and see. Make sure you find a good balance between concrete and abstract thinking to maintain good mental health. Improve your daily functioning and start developing your skills. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our article! If you want to learn more about abstract thinking, consider checking out our health and fitness blogs right here. 

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