How to Buy Cannabis Online

How to Buy Cannabis Online

Even though 16 US states have now legalized the use of recreational cannabis, sending it through the post across state lines is illegal. Even so, there are several websites out there offering to post cannabis to buyers, sometimes even in states where cannabis is still criminalized.

For people looking to buy cannabis online, this can prove to be a problem. It can be a difficult task to make sure that you are buying cannabis safely and legally. This online cannabis shopping guide will teach you everything you need to know about buying cannabis online and doing it safely.

Can You Buy Cannabis Online?

If the state you live in has yet to decriminalize cannabis, then you can’t buy cannabis legally. If cannabis is legal in your state then it is possible to buy it online, but it has to come from the state. Shipping cannabis across state lines is legally considered drug trafficking.

There might be websites out there offering to ship cannabis to you no matter where in the US are, but buying from such websites is either going to land you in a scam or guilty of partaking in criminal activity. You can go check the best online dispensary usa, which list some of the top online weed dispensaries that are reliable and supports fast shipping.

Yes and no!

Until recently, it was only a few states that allowed cannabis deliveries, but that was only for people who were issued a state-approved medical cannabis card. This means they can buy from online medical-grade dispensaries and have cannabis sent to their home. Popular dispensaries such as Namaste MD offer this service. Find out more about Namaste MD here.

Recreational cannabis delivery is now legal in 6 states, although it’s not yet operational across all of them. Legitimate delivery services are definitely on the rise, but it’s important to be aware that a large number of them are either scams or operating illegally. 

How to Spot an Illegal Delivery Site

The first thing you should look for is that the delivery site is based in the same state as you are. This rules out any cross-state trafficking. Then check where the site offers to deliver to. If it offers to deliver anywhere then it is definitely operating illegally or it’s a scam.

Don’t buy from any amateurish-looking websites. Some might even offer a contact phone number, but these are often set up with ‘burner phones’. These are temporary numbers that the operator of the phone can ditch once they’re used. Be extremely hesitant around spelling and grammatical errors within a website’s text.

All legal online cannabis delivery sites need to be licensed. A licensed website should display their license along with their license number, which you can verify to be sure.

Online Cannabis Shopping Made Easy

Keeping all of this in mind, you should be able to find a trusted website to buy cannabis online from providing you reside in a state where it’s legal to purchase cannabis online and have it delivered. Be sure to check the jurisdiction of your state and do a bit of research on potential websites before making any purchases.

If you’re looking for more online shopping and other lifestyle tips, be sure to take a look at the rest of our site. 

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