Happy Camper: What Are the Best Camper Trailers?

Happy Camper: What Are the Best Camper Trailers?

Camping is a joy that many people rely on to get away from the city or take a relaxing vacation. But camping has changed a lot over the years. What used to be rugged and trying can now be the luxury experience of a lifetime—depending on what you bring. 

From camper trailers with beds to RVs, camping has come a long way. But for those who still enjoy a traditional camping experience in a tent, there are options to make things easier. 

Small camper trailers with only a platform on the top to set up a tent are becoming more popular. They allow for freedom, flexibility, and, most of all, ease of transport. They’re usually smaller than a car and can be taken almost anywhere. 

If you’re itching to get back out to nature but know there’s an easier way to do it, check out these camper trailer options below to get started.

Kings MT1

The Kings MT1 camper trailer is an off-road masterpiece. Built solid with scratch-resistant finishes and all-terrain wheels, this camper can handle it all. 

Suitable for any type of camping on almost any terrain, this camper is small but mighty. Not to mention it comes with water storage and a super sturdy foundation.

With loads of customizable options like pantry storage, kitchen counters, and drawer dividers, the MT1 can work for anyone. It also has a rooftop platform for a tent and optional pop-up tent ad-ons. Compare your options and see what specifications your adventure might need!

Colorado Campworks NS-1

The Colorado Campworks NS-1 is another small but sturdy camper; however, this one does have a bed, so if you’re more interested in the authentic camping style, you might want to refer back to the Kings MT1 model. 

This camper stands out for being an environmentally friendly option. It runs on solar power, saving you money on electricity and battery power, and keeping the planet healthier.

Lance Truck Camper

Lance campers are a more traditional style camper. For the camper that wants to experience nature and then retreat to a truck-side oasis, Lance campers are your go-to. While they don’t provide the same rugged experience, they do offer plenty of storage and space for all the daily necessities. 

Camper Trailers For Every Camper

Getting a new camper trailer is an exciting investment. It allows you to connect with nature and disconnect from the stress of everyday life. 

If you’re looking to take the next step to up your wilderness game, a camper trailer is a perfect fit. Stop searching for “camper trailers for sale near me”, and check out these awesome options!

There are small camping trailers for sale everywhere, but use this list as a guide to finding the best camper trailers for sale. For more lifestyle and travel blogs, check out some of our other articles on our site!

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