Forget the Juice Cleanse: Help Your Body Detox Itself

Forget the Juice Cleanse: Help Your Body Detox Itself

Think “detox” and multi-day cleanses and juice fasts most likely come to mind. But detoxification takes more than quick fixes and extreme diets—the truth is, many detox products or programs place unnecessary stress on your body. 

As the dangers of environmental toxins become hot topics, detox regimens have increased in popularity. And while it’s important to protect your body from everyday stress and pollutants, it’s best to build habits for long-term health. 

The good news is your body’s already equipped to detoxify—all it needs is trust and some natural support. So set aside the diets and cleanses and rid your body of the bad with your own natural detoxification powers. 

You Are a Detox Master

Several primary organs make up your detoxification system. Your lungs eliminate CO2, kidneys filter blood, and even your skin helps cleanse by sweating. 

Your liver is also a heavy hitter for health. This vital organ filters everything you consume, identify toxins and removes the bad all while metabolizing the good. Keeping it in tip-top shape is a must.

Sure, it’s good to live a little—enjoying memorable meals with loved ones and savoring delicious food and drink. What is life if you don’t live it to the fullest? 

But daily choices coupled with inescapable environmental pollutants and chemicals bring modern-day realities. Together, they add up to a load of substances for your body to process. At times, it may seem your body’s filtration system can’t catch a break. 

A few easy, daily habits can give the occasional help needed to kick your natural detox into high gear. 

Boost Your Detox System with Supplements

Coupled with exercise and a healthy diet, a wealth of high-quality nutritional supplements and health products can boost your natural detox capabilities. Look for those with:

Detox teas also combine ingredients to support your digestive processes—especially helpful in keeping your body primed and protected. 

More or Less: Embrace a Detoxifying Lifestyle

The best way to support your body’s natural processes is through healthy habits and an active lifestyle. While more involved than a five-day fruit juice cleanse, it does more to help your body in the long run—and in more ways than one.  Start by making and achieving small goals. The key is to stay consistent.  

Simplify this by doing more of the healthy things you already do while cutting back on others.

Do This More: 

Do This Less:

By creating and following your own healthy habits, you’ll do most of the important detox-boosting work as you simply live your life. 

Avoid Unhealthy Detox Myths 

It can be difficult to overhaul your lifestyle—it’s why extreme, and sometimes unhealthy, methods for detox have become mainstream. Don’t buy into the idea that there’s always a quick fix for better health. As you set out to support your body’s detoxification processes, avoid these common detox myths:

Your body is an amazing and intricate machine equipped with everything you need to thrive. Take care of it and trust it will take care of you. When approaching unique health goals, focus on supporting and maintaining your natural processes. Invest in your health for years to come with small steps to create a lifetime of healthy habits. 

Born and raised in Utah, Taylor Pulver grew up fishing, camping, and hiking his way through the Wasatch Range. Now, he lives in Salt Lake City as a writer, gardener, and avid reader of fantasy and science fiction novels. 

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