Does PEMF Build Muscle

Does PEMF Build Muscle

PEMF therapy has successfully made its way into the lives of people belonging to vastly different professions, thanks to its wholesomeness. From housewives to 9-5 office workers to professional athletes, everyone is now using PEMF therapy to cater to their health needs. And why should they not? PEMF therapy gives them everything they need with sheer convenience and effectiveness.

Speaking of athletes, their entire professions are such that they get exposed to a lot of injuries and wounds during their tough training. And they simply can’t avoid it. The best they can do is to treat their injuries with the utmost care so they don’t become a barrier to their performance. This makes PEMF therapy perfectly suitable and beneficial for athletes, as it provides an easily accessible and highly effective treatment for injuries, treats inflammation, and encourages tissue repair.

But there’s one more thing that athletes are particularly very concerned about: Muscle building!! Does PEMF help with it? If yes, then how? Read to find out!

Is Muscle Building Important For Athletes?

Of course, muscle building is pivotal to athletic performance. And the reasons are very basic. First, muscle building is important because muscles are made up of protein so they are the major source of energy expenditure during workouts. So, the thicker the muscles, the better the performance. Secondly, muscles also guard athletes against injuries by holding your body in perfect balance and alignment. So, the stronger your muscles, the lesser the injuries.

This is why fitness trainers focus so much on muscle building so that athletes become less prone to injuries, perform better, and consequently excel in their careers.

Can Muscles Be Built Using PEMF?

So, does PEMF therapy help build muscle just like it helps treat injuries, eradicate inflammation and encourage tissue repair? The short answer is: YES.

We at are committed to providing PEMF-related information to every person who may want to use it, including athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We love walking you through the vast world of PEMF so you could incorporate it into your life as soon as possible, and reap the benefits of this amazing and versatile therapy. So, if you’re someone who wants to build muscle, whether you’re an athlete or not, this page is just for you! Keep reading!

How Does PEMF Help Build Muscle?

As we already know, PEMF  therapy works on the basis of electromagnetic forces. These electromagnetic forces enter our body through the PEMF device, and they act on the injured cells and restore them to a healthy state by bringing the cells’ disrupted electromagnetic charge back to a normal level. This is how PEMF therapy helps heal injuries and wounds. In the case of muscle building, things are pretty much the same. PEMF therapy helps boost the production of muscle proteins, which consequently reduces injury risk and speeds up exercise recovery.

How Is PEMF Better For Muscle Building VS Traditional Methods?

Usually, athletes attain muscle recovery and muscle building by recommending a combination of diet, rest, and remedies like the application of ice packs, etc. These take considerable time and energy before the muscles are brought to optimal health. With the use of PEMF therapy, however, muscle recovery is considerably faster and long-lasting.

After a workout, the muscles are in a stressed state because of all the inflammation they’ve accumulated during the workout. So, they need heat in order to de-stress and get rid of the swelling. PEMF therapy, far infrared heating maps, for instance, are perfect for this purpose. They remove swelling from the muscles, consequently helping the muscles obtain nourishment from the diet and oxygen. This not only helps build muscle faster but also maximizes the athlete’s performance and overall health.

Traditional methods of eliminating inflammation from muscles, the application of ice packs, for instance, are not as effective as PEMF therapy because they don’t work to eradicate deep swelling and can only eliminate surface-level swelling. Whereas PEMF therapy deeply soothes the muscles without causing any damage to the muscle tissue, and rather promotes the production of muscle proteins.

Final Word

PEMF therapy does wonders for athletes and fitness enthusiasts by safely and effectively building muscles, which in turn boosts athletic performance and prevents injuries.

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