All You Need to Know About Vitamin Water

All You Need to Know About Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is a line of beverages that are composed of water sweetened with natural color, added sugar, and sweetener. It was introduced to the world by Coca-Cola two decades ago. The brand has a ‘Zero’ Vitamin Water product. It differs from regular Vitamin Water with the absence of added sugar.

In the United States of America, the Water is sweetened with crystalline sucrose and fructose in the form of cane sugar. In other countries, it is sweetened with sucrose. It is recorded that Vitamin Water has just as much sugar as Coca-Cola’s ‘coke’ as opposed to filtered water in which by all means, water filters Sydney is your safest bet.

High Sugar Quantity 

Vitamin Water is sweetened with about 32g of fructose; this can be equated to 75% of the sugar present in Coca-Cola’s ‘coke’. The added sugar as well vitamins present in this Water can meet several dietary requirements but for a person who eats healthily, it could be excessive. 

The products are marketed as dietary beverages that contain oxidants and vitamins. This drink contains 32g of sugar while a Pepsi contains 40g of sugar. If you feel you need vitamins, get a fruit sprinkle a bit of salt on it, and be on your way. The sugar level in this drink poses health problem tendencies to the consumers. 

The Vitamin Water comes in well-branded packs. They bear misleading labels with titles like; ENERGY and FOCUS, which make consumers overly hyped about this different Water.  Some users make Vitamin Water their only drinkable water. 

Health Challenges 

If you drink flavored water, at this point you’re probably wondering if it can increase your blood sugar level. I’m glad to inform you that it cannot increase your blood sugar level if it is taken in moderation. 

This Water has the propensity to contribute to body fat leading to obesity. The amount of calories gotten from drinks does not stop your body from demanding food. So in this case there are additional calories gained from flavored water. In addition, eating food over time leads to an increase in body fat which leads to obesity. 

The added sugar present in flavored water poses other health risks such as high blood pressure, cancer, and tooth decay amongst other effects.  This is observed in fructose which must be metabolized by the liver. The liver can only handle a specific amount of fructose. Excess fructose causes the liver to malfunction leading to diabetes and heart diseases. 

Vitamin Water simply provides nutrients that are already present in most of the foods we eat. We have come to realize that nutrient excess is always worse than insufficient. If you’re lacking in certain vitamins, simply take supplements as directed by your dietician. 


Flavored water can be a medical requirement but it is only used in calculated amounts. Abuse of Vitamin Water can lead to tonnes of illness and finally death. Some users try to use flavored water as a means to gain Vitamin E and A. This kind of use is mostly administered to the level of abuse. 

Vitamins from flavored water comply with the vitamins from the food we eat leading to the presence of excess vitamins in the body. In a few words, the public should realize that flavored water is not good for you. Coca-Cola’s Lawyers once said that ‘no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater is a healthy beverage.’

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