7 Event Planning Tips to Streamline the Process

7 Event Planning Tips to Streamline the Process

Only 11% of corporate events will be virtual in the coming year, which shows how much more effective in-person gatherings are. 

Planning the perfect event is key for raising brand awareness and bringing like-minded people together. But if you’re unfamiliar with planning, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Perhaps this is your concern and you’re looking for guidance on the matter.  

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. Here are seven event planning tips to try out. 

1. Outline Your Budget

Your budget should be on the top of your event planning checklist. You don’t want to blow your annual funds on one occasion so be realistic. If you’re not sure where to start, shop around to figure out the average cost for the venue, staffing, and equipment rentals. 

At the very least, get an estimate from three vendors in the category and use these to inform your budget.  

2. Define Event Goals 

A crucial part of corporate event planning is knowing your goals. Ask yourself why you’re holding an event so you will bring it to life. For example, you may want to gain new customers or even boost employee morale after a recent product launch. 

3. Know Your Audience 

Spend time identifying your target audience so you know how to reach them. It will also impact smaller decisions you make like when you’re Googling “bands for hire near me” or choosing the entertainment. Plus, it will impact your marketing campaign so make sure you know their age, gender, and location at the minimum. 

4. Use Software to Stay Organized 

Use event planning software to stay organized and stress-free. You can use productivity tools like Timeline Genius where you can complete tasks in a timely fashion or Airtable where you can track the project plans. And that’s not all, you can find an event planning platform for every aspect of the decision-making process. 

5. Get Feedback Before Planning

Aside from event planning tools, you should also seek audience feedback. Ask attendees which speakers they want to see and the topics that interest them. Once you have sufficient feedback, you can use these suggestions to help you plan events. 

6. Accommodate Your Guest’s Needs 

If you’re not sure how to plan an event, refocus your efforts on the audience. Send a survey to see if any attendees have any accessibility or dietary needs so you can accommodate them. For instance, make sure the venue has a ramp and choose a flexible caterer.

7. Promote Your Event 

Generate a buzz online to promote your event. Work with a graphic designer to produce an eye-catching flyer and create a personalized hashtag to raise awareness. And don’t forget to ask attendees to upload snaps during the event too.  

Know the Top Event Planning Tips

Now you know event planning tips to improve your gatherings.

There are many ways to streamline the process such as knowing your budget and target audience. Also, use specific software and accommodate your guest’s needs to make an impact. Good luck! 

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