5 Realities of Male Chastity Lifestyle You Should Know

5 Realities of Male Chastity Lifestyle You Should Know

Chastity. It is probably not something everyone thinks that men use, but it is becoming more and more common. 

If you are reading this, you may be curious about what the male chastity lifestyle is like. However, you may also be cautious if others around you look at it as unnatural. 

Well, here are five realities of it. 

1. It Can Treat Sex Addiction 

Let’s face it, some men have an obsession with sex and cannot control themselves with it. About double the men masturbate in a four-week span than women do. 

With 20% of men, this can be as often as once every two days. So, what does this mean? 

It means that men may want to find a way to limit their masturbation. This is where chastity products come in.

Whether using a steel belt or just putting nu4skin on it, you are making it more difficult to masturbate whenever you want. Some people even give the key to the belt to a significant other. 

So, if someone you know wears one, it may be because they think they masturbate too much. See products at Koala Swim for examples. 

2. Trying to Create Intimacy 

One reason for the chastity belt can be for a unique way to create intimacy. This would require a man to be completely submissive to their significant other. 

Why? Because, as stated above, some chastity belts come with a key to lock and unlock the device. 

Some men decide to give these keys to their significant other, giving them the power and control for when to unleash your genitals for sexual purposes. 

3. Used for Virginity

This may sound extreme, but this can even be used to maintain virginity. 

Why? Because a chastity belt does block someone from performing sexual acts.

This can be useful if someone has the oath to remain a virgin until they are married, whether for moral or religious reasons. 

Some may question why you would need a belt then? Well, sometimes, there are temptations out there, and you will get presented with opportunities, so this can be an extra step to keep your oath. 

4. Improving Sexual Performance

Some men with life in a chastity cage will claim that they use it to improve their sexual performance. This can be related to the masturbation reason above, and it can also simply be to try to create some extra excitement in their sex life if they are used to a routine for sexual acts by now. 

This may give you more sexual energy and more sexual motivation than you usually have. 

5. It Takes Time 

Real life male chastity will take some time to get used to. You may want to quit when you put on the belt for the first night because it might feel unnatural to wear any kind of device on your genitals. 

However, give it a few days, perhaps weeks, before deciding long term male chastity is not for you. 

Learn More About Male Chastity Lifestyle

Male chastity lifestyle can be a unique kind of lifestyle. It comes with its pros and cons, but if you stick it out and do what you are supposed to do, it can be very rewarding. 

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