5 Key Considerations to Choose the Best Playground Equipment

It should come as no surprise that playgrounds serve several great functions in the development of children, from exercise to socialization.

It being so important to child development is just one reason why choosing the right playground equipment is crucial. You also want to pick the right equipment to create a successful playground without breaking your bank, posing safety threats, or leaving any kid out. 

Read on to learn five key considerations for picking your playground equipment.

1. Conduct an Audit

Although it might seem strange, it’s worth conducting an audit before investing in a playground. An audit will help you make sure that you’re looking for the right type of equipment in the first place. 

This will save you time by shortening your search. It will also save you money since you’ll choose the right equipment the first time around. 

When conducting your audit, assess how much space you have, how many children will be playing at a time, and the age of the children that will attend. 

2. Get Equipment That’s Accessible

Accessibility means making something accessible to everyone in the population, including people with disabilities. Accessibility is especially critical when choosing commercial playground equipment because you don’t want any child to be left out. 

Make sure your equipment meets the standards set by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Not only is it fair and the right thing to do, but it could save you from legal trouble as well. 

Playgrounds that help children, including those with disabilities, are the best. 

3. Decide on a Budget

Before committing to any children’s playground equipment, you’ll also want to set a budget. It won’t do you any good to select equipment that you can’t afford. 

Be sure to consider all costs involved, from the equipment itself to installation. 

If your budget is too small, you can build your playground in phases and ask for donations from local parents. 

4. Consider Playground Equipment Material

The material of the equipment you purchase matters. Standard playground equipment is made out of wood, metal, or HDPE plastic. When choosing which material is right for you, make sure it’s safe and works well with your local environment. 

For example, in outdoor playgrounds, metal can be weatherproof, but it can also heat up to extreme temperatures in the blazing summer sun. 

Other material factors to consider are durability, frequency of maintenance, how easy it is to clean, and how it looks. 

5. Experience of Provider

Always buy from an experienced provider of playground equipment. Providers with experience will have proof that they aren’t a scam and that their equipment is of high quality. You can review testimonials or reviews to be sure.

Since they are experienced, they’ll also be able to guide you in making the right choices for your playground. 

Get the Right Playground Equipment

Playgrounds play an essential role in the development of children, but it’s crucial to choose the right equipment. Bad playground equipment can even be dangerous.

Follow these five tips to make sure that you pick out safe, quality equipment that works for you. 

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