5 Best Running Gear for Beginners

5 Best Running Gear for Beginners

If you’re just starting out in the running world, you may have noticed the overwhelming degree of brand loyalty that is tossed around by other runners. Deciding on the right gear can be a headache, as it seems like an endless debate over the top gear. Fortunately, we have a list of five things all beginners need to start running, and they just so happen to be well-regarded within the running community. Interested? Read on. 

Person-Specific Running Sneakers 

The footwear you use will significantly impact how you feel working out and how well you minimize the chances of injury. Finding footwear consistent with your foot type will require some research into pronation and determining what kind of landing impact dominates your running style. Identifying your tendencies will allow you to find the proper footwear to run safely. 

Make sure your sneakers are breathable and, if possible, waterproof. There will be days you’ll need to run in the rain if you’re serious about staying on track with your training. Find the shoes that can get the task done. The right shoes will prevent serious injuries and physical decline from running.  

High-Quality Running Socks

Cotton socks absorb more sweat and are more likely to wear down as you run. The natural wear and tear will increase your chances of chafing and blistering your feet and ankles. Instead, go for high-quality running socks made of materials like polyester and nylon. Both of these alternatives will reduce your chances of slipping and provide a snug fit, accommodating your feet with more comfort as you run. 

You can find thicker and thinner running socks depending on the weather. Choose lighter fabrics for hot runs and heavier fabrics for runs during colder months. Choose from lightweight options so you stay calm and cool while running. By staying comfortable, you’ll see your running results progress much faster. When you need extra padding, try cushioned socks for additional support. 

Anti-Chafing Creams and Deodorants 

Running can feel unbearable when your thighs and underarms are rubbing together, causing chafing and inflammation. To minimize this, purchase anti-chafing creams or deodorants that you can rub on before runs. 

You can also purchase a thick body butter or body lotion to rub on before your runs for the same kind of effect. The goal is just to stay moisturized so that you can avoid friction. Using these solutions will also make it more comfortable for you to stretch after a workout and avoid heel pain

A Set of Wireless Earbuds 

Make listening to music as convenient as possible while you’re running. Don’t deviate from keeping your arms pumping, and invest in a set of wireless earbuds. You’ll be able to control your music listening using tap features so that you can avoid getting tangled up in cords as you run. You can find wireless earbuds from many retailers online and in-store. To add more to your running tech, invest in a wristwatch fitness tracker to keep tabs on your progress. 

A Handheld Water Bottle 

Instead of waiting until you get back to quench your thirst, keep a handheld water bottle with you for easy access. These water bottles attach to your palm via a wrap-around band, so you don’t have to grip tightly as you run. In addition to freeing up your hands, handheld water bottles offer quick hydration whenever you need it. Stick with minimalist designs to feel like you’re carrying less. 

The Bottom Line 

The right running gear is not brand-specific; it’s only about comfort and convenience. Find the gear that keeps you feeling light on your feet.  

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