5 Benefits Of Using Two Springs For The Garage Door

Garage doors feature springs, which are an essential component of any garage door installation. The mechanism that enables you to simply move the door upward and down is the springs.

If you’re like most individuals, you probably haven’t given your garage springs much thought. This ignorance is reasonable, but it is also unjust. The most important component responsible for raising and lowering your garage door is the spring mechanism that facilitates the process. An issue with the springs can cause your garage door to malfunction.

Is your single spring garage door giving you problems? Do you plan on upgrading your garage door system into a two spring mechanism? Well, concerns regarding the maintenance of the house are a matter of importance for any homeowner. Read on to know the benefits of two springs garage doors for your home.

What are the advantages of two springs for your garage door?

Torsion springs used in garage doors are available in various lengths, diameters, gauges, and finishes. Many garage door contractors choose to avoid utilizing the two-spring garage door system to save money and time. But it can cost you your safety in the long run. Here are the benefits of using two springs that can prove to be a boon for your house maintenance:

It aids with the preservation of the door’s components:

If you have a little engine in your automobile, it will have to work more to move you around than if you have a massive engine. As a result, every part of the motor will be more prone to failure, which will happen sooner than later. The garage door is the same way. Other components, such as bearing plates and side drums, are pressed by a single spring. 

If the door opens and closes unevenly, it can cause twisting pressure on the rollers and tracks. This twisting motion is minimized using a two-spring system, which relieves strain on the side discs, bearing slabs, and other components.

If one of the springs fails, you have a backup:

If you or someone else is beneath the door when the torsion or expansion spring breaks, you can get stuck very easily. When this occurs, the whole weight of the door is transmitted to the engine, which is usually several hundred pounds. However, as previously stated, the motor is not designed to bear the whole load of the gate. As a result, the spring frequently cracks when the weight is shifted to the engine. 

It can cause the engine to get overburdened, and the door might even fall. If one spring cracks in a two-spring system, the other will sustain the weight and protect the door from falling to the ground.

Each spring has a longer life expectancy:

Whether torsional or extension, garage entrance springs have a lifespan measured in ‘cycles.’ A cycle is full up and down movement. As you have a single spring garage entrance, one spring bears the whole weight of the door when it opens and shuts. If you have two springs, each one will only absorb half of the weight. As a result, a pair of springs should last twice as long as a single spring since they assist each other in bearing the weight evenly.

When a homeowner installs two torsion springs rather than one, he has additional cycle life possibilities due to the balance between two springs. For example, when buying a single spring, you might only be able to purchase a spring with 30,000 or 60,000 cycles when you want 40,000 cycles. If you switch to two springs, you’ll be able to get a pair of 40,000 cycle springs for less money than a 60,000 cycle spring while getting more cycles than a 30,000 cycle spring.

The smooth functioning of the door:

Because of the physics of a single spring, force transfer is often unequal. There is a lot of stress on the spring when the door is closed and the spring is stretched. The spring, on the other hand, contracts when the door opens. Simultaneously, the level of tension decreases. This might cause a jerky motion when the door rises, making it more likely for the door to be damaged or fall out of balance.

When raising and lowering the door, two spring setup provides for a considerably more controlled action. This is because a torsion spring’s mechanics enable it to retain a substantially more uniform level of torsion. This helps keep the door balanced throughout its entire range of motion, reducing the difficulties with single spring doors.

Two spring system will save your maintenance expense:

The garage door system is one of the prominent features of a household. It opens and closes multiple times each day. Imagine you have an urgent meeting, and your garage door decides not to open. Such incidents make garage door maintenance a necessity.

A two spring garage door system eliminates any sort of uncertainty by giving the door security it needs. Two springs balance the door evenly and minimize the chances of failure up to a great extent. A lower chance of failure results in less maintenance expense for your garage door and longer life.


You have to be very careful while choosing the spring for your garage door. A large part of it depends on the size of your door and the mechanism used to open it. But, not all springs are made alike when it concerns garage doors. While the reduced cost of a single spring may be appealing, a two spring system will provide you with safer, steadier, and more dependable service.

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