4 Marijuana Products to Try

4 Marijuana Products to Try

Recreational marijuana continues its push toward legalization in many states. What was once thought of as a dangerous drug worthy of jail time is now thought of as less harmful than a shot of whiskey.

Perhaps you’ve never consumed marijuana, and you’re interested in all the supposed benefits it can bring. Back in the day, the only way you could consume pot was to smoke it.

These days there are so many different marijuana products available. You need to try a few to find out which is best for you. Consider trying these four cannabis products for your initial exploration.

1. Marijuana Rolls

Does the thought of rolling a joint make you anxious? What about the seeds?

While in the old days, smokers used their album covers to help remove the seeds from their pot, these days the marijuana purchased from dispensaries is all high-quality flower. You don’t have to worry about pulling the seeds from it.

What about rolling though? Marijuana rolls or pre-rolls do all the work for you. These already rolled joints make a great introduction to the world of smoking marijuana. 

Before your visit to a dispensary, make sure you do some research on what you’re buying. Not all marijuana has the same effect.

2. Marijuana Edibles

Are you leary of smoking? You can hardly be blamed. While marijuana smoke isn’t associated with all the harmful additives found in cigarette smoke, inhaling smoke into your lungs is less than ideal.

The good news is edibles are widely accessible in locations where marijuana is legal. These edibles take the form of gummy bears, chocolate bars, cookies, and even soda pop.

For some people, the high from smoking hits too fast and too hard. THC from edibles is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach rather than the lungs. The high is more gradual.

Be careful, though. If you try edibles and don’t feel high right away, do not eat more. It takes an hour, sometimes two to feel the effects.

3. Marijuana Capsules

These are great for people who take pills. These capsules are the best marijuana products for those who don’t want to smoke and don’t care for sweets.

These capsules come with THC or CBD only. CBD products are great for those who want the health benefits of cannabidiol like pain and anxiety reduction, without the THC high.

4. Marijuana Oil

You can find marijuana oil with or without THC. The kind without, or with trace amounts of THC is CBD oil.

What are the differences between CBD vs. Marijuana? CBD is derived from the hemp plant, a cousin of the cannabis plant. While all cannabis contains CBD, hemp only contains scant amounts of THC.

This means CBD products do not have psycho reactive properties. You get all the benefits without the high.

The Best Marijuana Products

It’s an exciting time for the marijuana industry. As recreational marijuana legalizes in states across the Union, there is amazing ingenuity for new marijuana products. That’s good for you, the new enthusiast, as you get to find what works for you.

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