3 Ways to Smoothly Start a Vegan Lifestyle

3 Ways to Smoothly Start a Vegan Lifestyle

A vegan lifestyle is only about keeping off animal products? Wrong. A vegan lifestyle is way more comprehensive; as much as the lifestyle is centered on animals, it has things to say about the relationship we have with our environment. 

The lifestyle started in 1944 following the foundation of the vegan society, and it has since seen tremendous growth. Currently, in the US, there are about 7.6 million vegans. And the number seems to not slow down, with chain stores now stocking more vegan options to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods.

Well, change is inevitable. But why are people increasingly adopting a plant-based lifestyle? The best-positioned people to answer you correctly are probably yogis. Briefly, let’s see why.

Veganism Connection with Yoga 

Like veganism, yoga is a way of life. And the two concepts are quite alike; both manifest themselves in their practices that strive to live the right way.

Veganism aims to live well in a just world for all animals. It agrees with one of the underlying principles of yoga, ahimsa, which means non-violence. Ahimsa seeks to attain a peaceful coexistence between the planet and its contents, which a vegan lifestyle is all about. Many yogis choose to be vegan. They also choose their attire with veganism in mind, and many of them even practice on vegan yoga mats.

Why Choose a Vegan Lifestyle?

Animals remain the primary motive. Vegans want to create a future where all animals don’t suffer. 

And like any other positive lifestyle change, veganism has its benefits. 

Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle 

1. Better Health 

Plant-based diets are usually rich in dietary fiber and nutrients and have less saturated fat, hence vital to the immune system. In fact, when you plan well, these diets can offer all nutrients your body needs. 

What’s more, there’s strong evidence that links vegan diets to low blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All these are prerequisites for your heart health, while they also help in keeping diseases, including diabetes, at bay.

2. Safeguards Environment

Embracing veganism helps reduce the number of animals being slaughtered, harmed, or exploited. 

And with the number of vegans increasing, it will slow the animal agriculture sector which, is by far the leading contributor to the environmental crisis facing our planet. 

3 Ways to Start a Vegan Lifestyle

It can be daunting to switch to a vegan lifestyle. Not only because of the need to develop new values and live by them, but most especially the diet part. 

But many have done it, and you too can. 

And there might be different approaches you can consider. However, rightfully biased towards dietary changes, these three surefire ways are enough to get you started smoothly. 

As a tip, having a positive attitude is a massive boost. 

1. Learn What is Veganism

The interests, opinions, and behavioral orientations of veganism are relatively unknown to many. And to make it worse, there are a lot of controversies. 

So, learn everything about veganism to open your eyes and understand the different facets of veganism. The knowledge will help you in making the right decisions.

There is a wide range of topics under the broad umbrella of veganism, but to jump-start your journey, here are some interesting topics:

2. Go at Your Own Pace

There are certain aspects of veganism where you can easily make a change overnight. 

A dietary change is the last of those aspects. 

To help make it a breeze, be gentle with yourself and take time to know what works best for you, and get used to it. Start with small changes, simpler meals, more emphasis on whole foods, including vegetables and fruits. 

Don’t attempt to change your diet overnight. It may overwhelm you, making the transition stressful and intimidating.

3. Plan Your Diet Right

Just embracing a plant-based diet doesn’t make your food 100% healthy. Hence why you need to plan your diet strategically, incorporating all essential nutrients and vitamins. 

While planning your diet well helps you achieve a balanced diet, it has far-reaching benefits. Incorporating fiber and protein-rich foods, for example, helps avoid feeling hungry all the time. 

The good thing about planning a healthy vegan diet is it’s pretty easy. Make it fun and exciting, with a focus on foods you like. 

If you need help planning your diet, feel free to consult a registered dietician. Nutrition pages are helpful, too. 

Final Thoughts

You’ve got the reasons to join others in embracing veganism and contribute to the beauty of our planet. 

When you start your journey with the guidance of the ways learned on this post and in other places, you’ll understand that going vegan is never an overnight affair. It’s a learning curve, and you’ll, expectedly, make mistakes. When you fail to live to your standards, remember your purpose, choose the lessons and move on.

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