Top Things To Look For In A Manual Comb Binding Machine

Top Things To Look For In A Manual Comb Binding Machine

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If you are in business then at some point you are going to appreciate the importance of having the right binding equipment to hand. It allows you to create professional-looking documents. These can make all the difference when proposing a project. 

However, once you start looking you will quickly realize that there are a huge array of products available. The best one to get you started is a manual comb binding machine. 

What Is The manual Comb Binding Machine

Comb binding simply refers to joining several pieces of paper together via the use of a plastic sleeve. The comb is a reference to the technique used to join the paper. 

In effect, you stack the papers for your presentation on the machine and then add a plastic comb. Pull a simple lever and the machine will thread the comb through the paper while creating the right holes in your paper. 

The result is a booklet that can be used for a variety of purposes. To get a really professional appearance it’s advisable to add a cover sheet to the front and back.

Choosing The Right Manual Comb Binding Machine

Having decided that this is a valuable addition to your office it’s time to think about which machine best suits your needs.

Amount of Pages

Perhaps the most important consideration is how many pages do you normally need bound together? This dictates the size of the machine you need, after all, it should be capable of binding any project together. 

If in doubt, consider the largest project you’ve done and how many pages were involved in that. You can then make sure your new comb binding machine can handle that sized project.

Size of paper

Most machines are designed to handle A4 paper which is probably what you need. But, some are designed with letter-sized A5 paper or a different size in mind.

It’s simple to accidentally order the wrong size machine, make sure you have checked what paper it deals with. 

Punching Pattern

The better machines have variable punching patterns allowing you to use different binding combs and set the holes according to where you need them. 

This is the better option because it provides more scope for different projects and binding requirements. If you choose one size only you may find half your projects can’t be bound or you need to invest in a second machine. 


Naturally, you should also spend a moment thinking about the cost of the machine. The better they are the more expensive they become. That means you need to think about how much it will be used in order to create a budget and purchase the right machine for your office. 

This is simply prudent business practice. 

Finally, don’t forget to check what warranty comes with the machine, you’ll want to know you have some comeback if there are unforeseen issues and they are not connected to improper use of the machine.

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