Top Choice for ADU Construction

Top Choice for ADU Construction

If you are thinking about adding an ADU to your property, you will need a builder that will work with you every step of the way. A builder that can guide you throughout the whole process at a reasonable cost. A builder likeĀ Levi Design Build.

Guiding You Through Your ADU Construction

Levi Design Build will help guide you through the ADU construction process. To start, you can get a free consultation with them where they will go through:

After that, their team of expert designers, permit expeditors, and builders will get to work making your ADU dreams come true.

What They Cover

As a comprehensiveĀ ADU contractor, they take care of all the aspects of the design and building process including:

Every step of the way, they will be there to guide you and answer any of your questions.

You Can Trust Them

With their commitment to providing every client with the highest service and craftsmanship, they have built up a reliable reputation here in Los Angeles. Just ask any of their many satisfied customers about their experienced design, construction and planning professionals that work with the client to get the job done successfully.

Levi Design Build is dedicated to staying up to date on all real estate market and building trends. Thus, making it possible for us to always provide the best:

They put their hearts into every project every single time to ensure you are always satisfied with their work.

Experience in the Local Area

It is important to not only choose a builder with the appropriate licenses and insurance, but also one with experience in your community.

At Levi Design Build, they have a lot of experience working in the Los Angeles area. Meaning, they have an in-depth knowledge of the different local codes to ensure your ADU is always in accordance with local laws.

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