Nine Practical Tips for Choosing Disaster Cleaning Services

Nine Practical Tips for Choosing Disaster Cleaning Services

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Commercial properties are home to a business and often represent the state of the company to clients. Hence, when disasters hit the property, it causes more damage than the eye can see. The disaster can be in any form or shape, from water leaks, mold, fire to natural disasters like tornadoes, cyclones, or storms. About 85% of the disaster cleaning services are called in for water damage, yet all the other calamities are equally disruptive. Therefore, choosing a service that can be helpful in need is of utmost importance. Needless to say, it is easier said than done. It arises from a call for tips to aid in choosing the right services to meet the commercial requirements.

Essential Tasks Of Cleaning Services

Nowadays, cleaning services are available at large. However, this complicates the task furthermore. Having a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of a cleaning service comes in handy when prioritizing their services. 

Cause based restoration

Cause based restoration process refers to the step taken into consideration to the reason that initiates the damage. The most frequent causes are water, mold, and fire.

1. Water damage restoration

Water damage can be a gruesome experience to deal with. Not only does it damage the furniture and equipment in a commercial setting, but it also causes construction damages leading to reconstruction. As a restoration plan, the service providers dry and dehumidify the facility to remove moisture. Moisture, if left untreated, can cause further damage and can go unnoticed. This can jeopardize the safety of employees and compromise the work environment. 

2.  Mold damage restoration

Mold breeds in places where moisture and shade perpetuate. A strong signal of its presence is the pungent, unpleasing odor that is emitted by the mold. Mold and mildew can be reasons for concerning health issues due to unhygienic surroundings. For its restoration, moisture needs to be removed, followed by treating decay with appropriate chemicals. Additionally, odor treatments are also performed to eradicate the odor and refresh the environment.

3. Fire damage restoration

Fire could be small or big, yet, its damages are always immense. Fire restoration mainly deals with soot and debris removal as a priority because they are harder to eliminate once they settle down. Secondly, fire damage requires reconstruction and odor treatments to restore the damage to its original state. 

4. Equipment Restoration

Commercial equipment requires immediate response and action for effective restoration and mitigation. Hence, a spontaneous response time can be a USP for any cleaning service provider.

4. Damage restoration

The most probable and prominent role of disaster cleaning services is to take care of the damage restoration. In most cases, the service providers have a quick response time to save and salvage as much as possible, cutting down on the restoration cost. But, it might not always be the case. High demand, the vast area under effect, or unavailability of the skilled crew can add on to the task instead of resolving it.

Practical Tips for choosing the exemplary cleaning service 

Customers have high dependability on cleaning service providers when disasters strike. Therefore, the following tips are constructive in making the right choice of the service provider. 

1. Location

The service provider’s location can be vital in determining their response time in the time of need. Local restoration companies can inspect the damage to the residence on the spot. The faster the assessment, the faster the restoration plan onset. Moreover, an early check can save most of the belongings with minor damage.

2. Credentials

Choose a licensed and insured contractor. To provide the stated service, a licensed restoration business must meet a set of requirements. Proper licensing also implies that the company is free of unresolved complaints. Both the professionals on the project and the property owner are covered by insurance. General liability insurance covers any injuries to the homeowner or personnel that occur during the cleaning procedure. The company’s insurance also covers damage to the property resulting from the cleaning work.

3. Availability

A trustworthy cleaning service firm provides 24-hour service all year round. Water and fire damages are unpredictable and highly destructive, wreaking havoc on a property in minutes. A service provider with a quick response time and faster service delivery always wins brownie points.

4. Ratings

Firsthand reviews, feedback, and word-of-mouth appraisals are evergreen ways to figure out the reputation and worthiness of a disaster cleaning provider. Social media platforms and review sites also provide essential insights. Moreover, rating agencies also grade service providers to offer a straightforward interpretation of their capabilities to customers. 

5. Awards and accolades

A service provider with awards and accolades to its name can considerably elevate the experience for its customers.

6. Industry standards

All qualified cleaning service companies must adhere to a set of industry standards in the restoration field. Reference Guide for Professional Restoration for Water Damage and Mold Remediation and ANSI/IICRC Standard are the two most important industry standards. Additional prerequisites are applicable as per the damage to the property.

7. Insurance assistance

A professional cleaning service ensures that the insurance claim covers all areas of property damage, irrespective of whether the contractor and the insurance company work out the details of the claim for a smooth experience for the customers.

8. Trained and skilled workforce

The workforce is the real action hero for any company. Lack of skill, adequate training, or even the right attitude can cause more damage to the customers than the disaster itself. 

9. Equipment and tools

A disaster cleaning service provider can significantly speed up the cleaning process. Also, it can prevent future mold growth and ensure that personal belongings, such as papers, artwork, photographs, and other critical objects, are adequately cared for and restored by employing state-of-the-art equipment and processes.


A disaster can beat down anyone, and dependable assistance is needed to get the property and life back to normal. Trusted and skilled disaster cleaning services with round-the-clock availability can put things back in place, literally. The detail-oriented strategy of professional contractors provide quick, dependable repairs, and assist the client in returning to normalcy.

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