4 Benefits of Filtering Your Fridge Water

4 Benefits of Filtering Your Fridge Water

Did you know that our bodies are 60% water? While experts are divided on whether we need to drink 8 glasses or not, they agree we need to stay hydrated to function properly.

One convenient way to get all the water you need is to use fridge water – fridge cold, fridge filtered water, that is. A refrigerator water filter is a necessary component if your fridge dispenses H2O.

What are the benefits of installing a quality water filter? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in.

1. It Tastes (and Smells) Way Better

To make tap water safe, chemicals are added to purify it. But chemicals like chlorine and fluoride can have a distinctive smell and taste that’s offputting.

A filtered water dispenser uses carbon to remove unwanted chemicals, leaving you with water that tastes and smells clean.

2. It Saves You Money

Usually, if we want water that tastes good, we’ll head out to the store and pick up some bottled water. But when you buy bottles, you’re paying for plastic or glass you don’t really need.

Fridge water filters purify gallons of tap water for months on end. Samsung water filters only need to be changed out every six months, saving you tons of dough, and tons of plastic.

3. It’s Better for Your Health

Did you know that more than 90 different contaminants in drinking water are regulated in the USA? That’s a lot of potentially harmful chemicals that could slip into our water source. And drinking contaminated water can cause health issues in adults and children.

Filtered water is safe to drink because it removes chemicals and impurities. This can give you peace of mind that your health, and the health of your family, can benefit from your water filter.

4. No Ice Needed

A scorching hot day has everyone reaching for the ice, but having a water dispenser in your fridge gives you cold refreshing water every time. Fridge water is great for cooling down drinks for kids, and for use in iced coffees.

And did you know that drinking a glass of water can help you burn calories as well? Cold water can help you burn between 2-3% more calories than you usually would, for 1.5 hours after drinking it. So, drink up and you could boost your metabolism in the process.

Benefits of Filtering Your Fridge Water

There’s no denying that city water can have a funky smell and often tastes like chlorine. A refrigerator water filter will transform your tap water into fridge water that’s cool, refreshing, and tastes great.

Fridge water filters save you money on bottled water and give you purified water that’s better for your health. And since you’re made up of 60% water, having a convenient fresh water source will get you chugging those 8 glasses, come rain or shine.

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