How to Build Muscle Fast

How to Build Muscle Fast

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Most people who begin a strength training routine start to see noticeable muscle growth within 8 weeks. The muscle you build will become more noticeable in parts of your body that carry less fat, such as your arms. Generally, body fat tends to block muscle growth from view.

For many people, 8 weeks is a long time to start reaping the benefits of a bodybuilding routine. Thankfully, there are things you can do to build muscle much faster.

In this comprehensive guide, we outline several proven ways to build muscle fast.

Why Should You Build Muscle?

Building muscle is the number one reason many people go to the gym. Here are four reasons why it’s worth the trouble.

Muscle Boosts Your Metabolic Rate 

Muscle cells use energy, unlike fat cells that store it. Once you start strength training, the body’s energy requirements increase. Your metabolic rate increases, causing your body to burn more fat.

A higher metabolic rate is one of the perfect solutions to any extra body fat you’ve been trying to lose. 

Everyday Activities Become Easier 

Building muscle certainly makes one stronger. This is a massive benefit when it comes to doing everyday activities that people with lesser strength strain to do. Whether it’s opening a jar of treats or moving a sofa, it’s easier to accomplish when you have more muscle.

Muscle Enhances Your Body Shape

Another huge benefit of building muscle is that your physical appearance dramatically improves. The fact is muscle is a lot more attractive than body fat. Plus, your clothes start to fit better, and your confidence skyrockets.  

Disease Risks Decrease

Strength training improves your overall health and fitness. More muscle means better cardiovascular function and blood chemistry. You start to experience fewer incidences of disease as compared to people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Do This to Build Muscle Fast

Now that you’ve seen the importance of building muscle, it’s time to look at how you can achieve that within the shortest time possible. Here are our top seven suggestions on how to get muscular fast.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day

Eating a healthy breakfast before strength training is one of the surest ways to build muscle mass quickly. The breakfast provides an instant energy burst that keeps you full until the next meal or snack. In addition, eating healthy in the morning sets a good trend, and you’ll tend to eat healthier during the day.

So, what kind of breakfast should you eat when trying to build muscle? Experts recommend omelets, cottage cheese, and smoothies.

2. Eat Every Three Hours

To increase the rate at which your body builds muscle, you need to eat often enough. That means three-hour intervals between meals. 

Be sure to include protein in each of the meals or snacks you eat. That’s because protein is essential in building and maintaining muscle mass. Some of the best sources of protein include poultry, fish, red meat, dairy, eggs, and whey.

You can also consider vegan sources of protein, including nuts, seeds, lentils, and tofu.

3. Eat Carbohydrates After Workouts

The body rebuilds muscle faster during your rest days if you consume carbohydrates. Post-workout carbs boost your insulin levels. In turn, insulin slows the rate at which your body breaks down protein.

You can eat a banana, a peanut butter sandwich, or have a sports drink.

4. Avoid Going Hard All the Time

Sure, you need to train every day to build muscle fast, but that doesn’t mean that every workout must take your body to exhaustion and fatigue. If that’s what your workout routine looks like, then your body isn’t getting a chance to grow.

The ideal workout should leave you feeling good rather than dead. Choose which spots you want to improve. Limit the weight room workouts to 16 sets at most.

You can still take on brutal workouts, but only occasionally. Such workouts should never exceed three times per week.

5. Use the Right Supplements

Strength training puts considerable strain on your muscles. With time, your muscles adapt and become stronger and larger.

Currently, there are many muscle-building supplements that can help you enhance athletic performance and speed up your muscle growth. These include anabolic supplements, as this resource on post-cycle therapy explains.

As a beginner, you may not require supplements. That’s because your muscles will naturally grow considerably faster once you’ve started resistance training and are eating the right diet. 

However, as you enter the intermediate and advanced levels of strength training, you may notice that your performance is plateauing. Introducing supplements can help you continue to grow your muscles.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You need more than just proper nutrition for your muscles to recover. You need enough rest, and that includes getting ample sleep every night. Ideally, you need eight hours of sleep per day.

The body releases the human growth hormone (HGH) during your sleep.
Add: The body releases the human growth hormone (HGH) during your sleep. According to, research has linked increasing human growth hormone to several important benefits like better sleep.

Not getting enough sleep negatively impacts muscle growth. It drastically reduces testosterone, which is essential in building muscle. 

7. Stay Hydrated 

Our last tip on how to build muscle fast is both simple and effective. You need to drink a lot of water while training. That’s because strength training causes sweating, which reduces the amount of water in your body.

Dehydration can deter muscle recovery, which then makes it harder for you to grow muscle quickly. Keep your water bottle close throughout your workout sessions.

Building Muscle Doesn’t Need to Take Forever

You’ve probably heard that building muscle doesn’t happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should spend months of strength training to see muscle growth. With the right exercise routine, a healthy diet, and appropriate supplements, anyone can build muscle fast.

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