9 Places to buy your dream beach house

9 Places to buy your dream beach house

A vacation becomes a lot easier when you have access to it at your home. A beach house will ensure that you have a disconnected weekend, a happy retreat to your place, and will look forward to the Monday mornings for those beautiful vibe mornings that fill your soul with positivity for the day. In addition, it will be an investment for a memorable life at the beachside with your family and friends. Not to mention, you can earn a rental income by letting out a part of your property or for your retirement (thinking ahead never hurts). 

Beach house offers a fresh dose of vitamin c, feet buried and water and sand, and a cool sea breeze that fills your lungs, the ultimate therapy at your service as soon as you step out; it does not get better than this. 

While there are infinite reasons why you should buy a beach house, there are only so many locations that offer the best beach houses, which will prove to be an excellent investment. 


California beaches offer the best view of the pacific sunset and a crowd of beautiful people that forms a beautiful beach culture. A strategic site selection that does not hammer your budget and offers all the great advantages of the beach home is the one you want in this golden city. California has it all: houses, condos, duplexes to cut the cost. Generally, condos offer greater benefits with excluding the responsibilities of the beach house and are readily available. Houses called for customization and capitalized designs that require greater costs. 


Luxury accompanied with privacy, Malibu has gifts for everyone. Equestrians, hikers, birdwatchers settle here comfortably in nature’s lap and enjoy a laid-back, low-key life. You will find properties with varied architectural styles, and one that suits your accommodation needs, condos, duplexes, and beachfront houses are not a novelty but sure feels the luxury here. 

Santa Monica

Walkable, scalable, and wonderfully close to the beach, you must have a look at the high-rise condos that offer the lavish luxury of houses and even privacy to some degree. 


Amazing cities and charming towns, over 825 miles of coastline; Florida is the city you would love to exist in. You can own a small part of the extensive coastline. Cities like Santa Rosa, Panama City Beach, Ocean City, Long Key, and cocoa beach offer the best beach vibes and surfing waves for sports enthusiasts. Another additional advantage is the average effective property tax rate in Florida is 1.02%, which is slightly below the U.S. average and much lower than other states. You can have a rental income as well. 

South Carolina

Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean on the right side, South Carolina has the most beautiful landscapes and seafront to enjoy the sun and water splashes. Myrtle Beach is a beautiful destination where you can keep your dreams alive. Vacation townhomes in Myrtle Beach will provide the luxury of waking up to a beautiful sunrise; you can indulge in deep-sea fishing and dolphin cruises. You will not regret your purchase here as it is mostly a commercial tourist location, and the crowd keeps on changing; you will be introduced to the endless charade of people, making countless friends and businesses renting out your beach house. 

North Carolina

North Carolina extends from the Outer Banks north to the Brunswick Islands in the south. You want to choose a locale with a beachfront or is connected to the main street leading to the beach. Beach properties are a heavy investment, but you must inspect the neighborhood: sometimes, the high-cost neighborhood is easily not the best the beach has to offer. For example, Whittier, tucked between great smoky mountains and Nantahala national forest, this quaint little seaside town allows you Eastern Cherokee Reservation and its Harrah’s casino; Dollywood in nearby Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; and gem mining, hunting, fly fishing and rafting venues.

Ocean City, Md

You need flood insurance. With that in your bag, you are free to buy a house in Ocean city, Del, MD. Seagulls, north Atlantic waves will wake you up every morning to a beautiful day here. A home in the tourist spot never stops to amuse you. A neighborhood of the water bodies on both sides, the small island will serve you a proper escape from the rug routine; Ocean city is ranked in the top 7 cities to buy a vacation property in; you can make no mistake here. 


Hawaii has a large chunk of its revenue generated from tourism and hotels. The series of islands is complete with golf courts, wildlife, plants and flowers, and beaches. With the pleasant climate and beach scenery, you can explore the beaches or the land of wildlife. Like California, Hawaii is considered a surfer’s paradise with waves that carry you like the wind. Wailea, Hawaii, has five gorgeous crescent-shaped beaches, and now imagine having a property over any one of those. Buying property in Hawaii is profitable to an infinite extent, but enjoying your property house/condo making a home out of it will be further beneficial. 


While many want houses in the city, you can go off-grid or settle in the rural parts of Texas with readily available transport and commute. Dallas in Texas offers rural connectivity for Willis point, with quaint beach sites for you to take home. Corpus Christi offers great winds for windsurfing and sailing. You will never get bored with this richly developed gulf coast city filled with modern delights and pleasant neighborhoods for you to buy property. Although the houses built by the side of the inland lakes in Texas cannot be counted as beach houses, they share the same vibes and comfort of disconnected routines at the beach house of the lake.  


Beach houses offer you a personal space of the beach where you can unplug from the world to calm the hurricanes in your mind. A property at the beach ensures that you are unrestricted and can come and go as you please. Your property will never stay idle as if you don’t wish to stay permanently, you might want to rent it out to the tourists that visit for short durations. Beaches offer you the chill neighborhood that you always dreamed of and spectacular mornings with the waves at your bedside: where are you buying your beach house?

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