What Makes a Great Gambling App Interface?

What Makes a Great Gambling App Interface?

Improving the experience of online gamblers has been a goal for all online sportsbooks and casinos for many years now; in fact, ever since apps were first launched. A major part of this has been concentrated on cramming more features into the app, but that also needs to be combined with an awareness of how bettors and players use those features and making that as easy as possible too.

So, what makes a great gambling app interface is something that is easy to navigate around to find the features and also makes those features easy to use on the device in question but doing that successfully will be dependent on several factors.

Intuitive screen layout

The first of these is screen layout, and for obvious reasons, the screen layout on an app needs to be different from what somebody might see on the desktop site, yet still have a level of familiarity that means that the user knows where to start.

For that reason, many account dashboards can be accessed in the top right of the screen, with the account balance displayed above. Like websites, other areas are accessed from other menus at the bottom of the screen, but clearly, things like placing a bet and selecting a slot from a list of hundreds need to be a different process

Ease at completing basic tasks

On a sports betting website, the most common design is to have the sports listed along the left-hand side of the screen, with the selected market appearing in the center. Wagering choices then appear in the betting slip on the right. In apps, this needed to be replaced with a downward progression on apps.

With online casinos, it would not be uncommon for six or seven rows of slots to be displayed on a desktop screen something that is highly impractical on a smaller device. This means that the filters used to sort types of slots and games need to be more in-depth, so the selections make the most of the smaller area, there is also the challenge for the developers to fit any promotions in the smaller area without having too many in-game pop-ups to dent the user experience.

Interacting with the app

The interaction with the best gambling apps is different from a computer screen as well, as instead of a click, the screen is interacted with by touch. This can lead to accidental touches which are combatted by screens asking if you are sure before placing a bet. This does mean that it can slow down live betting but is better than the alternative. 

It also does not bear thinking about the mix-ups that could be possible if the apps worked through voice interaction, a technology that would have to move forward again before it could be considered reliable.

Wrapping things up

Regardless of whether the device is Android or Apple, what makes a great user interface for an app boils down to the same factors. The design needs to be intuitive, in line with what the customer is familiar with from using other sites, making using the basic features easy, and also making operating the app as easy as possible.

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