Popular 4D lottery betting in Singapore

Popular 4D lottery betting in Singapore

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The Singapore Pools 4D lottery is the official lottery operator in Singapore. The main and only feature of the 4D lottery is people above 18 years of age can play by buying the tickets. With the technology now, players are not limited to buy 4D ticket at physical outlets anymore. Now, you can buy 4D online at any online casino or trusted gambling site that offer lottery betting. The rewards are announced on three days of the week-Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday, and not regularly. 

This popular game is a popular game which is around for more than 50 years. Followed by slot game online Singapore, both of them are hottest casino games so far. The reason why Singaporean players love to play 4D lottery is because of its low-stakes betting tournaments. Let’s see what else the 4D lottery holds.

Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools LTD is a state-owned subsidiary company based in Singapore. It is an entirely owned subsidiary by Tote Board. In Singapore, the Tote board is the single operator that has legally been permitted to run lotteries. 

In the year 1968, Singapore Pools were included to restrict gambling in Singapore. The people of Singapore were provided with the legal route to bet on lotteries by Singapore Pool. It also countered the illegal betting rackets that were present at that time. 

Now, a lot trusted online casino Singapore also offer 4D lottery betting on their website. 

On May 1st, 2004 Tote board (A permitted Board under the Ministry of Finance) owned Singapore pools. The gambling options of Singapore pools are given below:


Damacai is yet another 4D lottery that is supported by 4D results live mode and jackpot results live mode. It is a number game and you need to choose your preferred four-digit number within the range of 0000 to 9999. Then you can decide on the bet type like ABC, A, or both.

Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is a lottery game played in Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. The full form of 4D is 4 Digit. In Magnum 4D, individuals choose any four-digit number starting from 0000 to 9999. 

Among these only 23 numbers are drawn each time and if these 23 numbers match with the numbers the player has bought then the player is the winner. A draw is been conducted to select these winning numbers. Magnum 4D is the first legalized operator of the 4D game that has been licensed by the Malaysian Government to operate 4D games. 

Magnum 4D is a very popular game in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, the draws of Magnum 4D are held on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday at the main branch of Singapore Pools.

Sports Toto

It is a Malaysian company that operates in the gambling industry. Sports TOTO was introduced by the Malaysian Government in the year 1969. It was intended to commercialize the 4D games. I the year 1985 a businessman named Vincent tan owned TOTO Sports and merged it into Berjaya Group. In present-day Sports, TOTO is an entirely owned branch of Berjaya Sports. 

Lottery games are very addictive and interesting. People of every age tend to play the game. 4D lottery betting has gained a lot of popularity in Singapore. This was a brief informative guide about the 4D lottery game. 

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