What Is the Proper Way to Eat Sushi?

A lot of people love to eat sushi, but not everyone knows that there’s a proper way to eat sushi. Are you curious about how to eat sushi so that you get to enjoy it fully? 

This article will tell you everything you need to know!

Sushi Eating Preparation

There is such a thing as sushi etiquette, and doing this properly is actually very important! 

When you go to a sushi restaurant, they will provide you with a towel. Use this towel to clean your hands before you eat (you’ll know why soon). Then, put the towel aside and don’t use it to clean your face. 

Did you know that there’s a sushi eating preparation process? Before you actually begin enjoying the dish, you should pour a small amount of soy sauce into the prepared bowl. You can also add a bit of wasabi to the soy sauce – although this will depend on your personal preferences. 

Take up a pair of chopsticks and place them on the holder near your plate – not on your plate or your bowl! Leaving your chopsticks anywhere else will signal to the waiters that you are done with your meal. 

The Proper Way to Eat Sushi

You can have the best sushi in front of you and not be able to enjoy it well because you’re not using the proper way to eat sushi. 

The traditional custom is to eat sashimi with chopsticks and to eat sushi with your hands. You can eat sushi by using your thumb and middle finger to pick the piece up. 

The proper way to eat nigiri is to turn it upside down before dipping it into soy sauce. Don’t dip the rice into the soy sauce as much as possible. This is because the rice will absorb too much of the sauce and may affect the taste.

At the same time, you may end up leaving some rice in the sauce bowl, which doesn’t look very professional. 

When possible, eat your nigiri all in one bite. This is one of the key steps for how to eat sushi properly because it will prevent a mess. Sushi is meant to be eaten all in one go, and doing otherwise may cause it to break apart.

How to Eat Sushi Properly in a Sushi Restaurant

Sushi is a great meal that almost everyone loves, but knowing the proper way to eat sushi can enhance both the experience and the sushi taste for you. Sushi etiquette includes things such as using the towel to clean your hands and knowing where to place your chopsticks. 

The proper way to eat sushi includes using your chopsticks to eat sashimi but using your hands to eat nigiri. At the same time, the way you dip the nigiri into the sauce bowl can also impact the sushi taste. 

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