How to Style Pearl Jewelry

How to Style Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the most loved stones across the world. In India, they are also called “moti stone” where moti means pearl itself. Naturally occurring pearls are rare and can be expensive. And yet, they remain as one of the most preferred jewelry pieces for women and royals. It can appear in a wide variety of colors such as Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Purple, Grey, Brown, and Orange. Pearls are strongly related to the power of women and are also called “the queen of gems.”

History of pearls

Today we associate pearl with elegant style, simplicity, and innocence. But in the past, pearls showcased power. It was the gemstone of the royals of the higher level. One of the famous references of pearl in history is when Egyptian Monarch Cleopatra challenged Marc Anthony to show her wealthy status and crushed a pearl in her wine to drink it. Shocked by the gesture, Marc Anthony was convinced it was the most expensive meal, and he can’t return that favor. Later on, in 1665, highly renowned artist Johannes Vermeer showcased pearl in his famous artwork ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. Pearl continued to appear throughout the history of the world and became a style statement with Princess Diana carrying a pearl necklace. It continues to be a choice of today’s women.

Benefits of pearl gemstone

Associated with the month of June, this gemstone is the most suitable for people born under the Gemini zodiac sign. It is believed that June Birthstone (Pearl) attracts love, luck, peace, and wisdom. White pearls are associated with purity, innocence, and sincerity. Pearl is also a very popular gift option for weddings in almost all cultures. In Rome, pearls are presented to the bride to bring emotional balance. In India, the whole pearl is presented to signify purity and attract love. In China also Pearls are very famous to protect from dragons and bad energies.

Pearls continue to be a trendy gemstone and are desired by people at some point in their lives. Today, we will discuss the best way you can style pearl jewelry or carry pearls so that you can look stylish and reap the benefits of this fantastic moti stone!

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Single, large pearl ring 

A large pearl appears to be a full moon, reflecting wholeness, fulfillment, and relaxation. If worn as a ring, it is hard to miss due to its elegant large look. This style of pearl will never go out of fashion. So it is highly possible to pass on this type of jewelry from one generation to another. This is more fancy jewelry and can be worn to parties or on vacations.

Single pearl earrings, small

You can embrace elegance with stylish single pearl earrings. There can be varied styles here – pearl studs, pearl drop earrings, dangle pearl earrings, and more. Such earrings look more formal and can be worn at work too. 

Multiple pearls earrings

Such earrings use a combination of pearls to form a beautiful pattern. This looks absolutely stunning in traditional jewelry, enhancing the charm of the jewelry set. 

Pearl pendant

The single pearl pendant necklace is sophistication personified. This simple yet powerful piece of jewelry can enhance anyone’s personality.

Pearl necklace

The Pearl necklace is the choice of the royals. Pearls arranged in a string wrapped around the neck hail the power of beauty in all its glory. Again hear you can see variations in the style of arrangement. You can either go for a necklace that has the same size of pearls or the one with a large pearl in the center, followed by decreasing size of pearls on either side. 

Pearl bracelet

The Pearl bracelet does not need any introduction; they are already so popular. You could go for a single-string pearl bracelet or multiple strings of pearls. Both of them look elegant and stunning to wear.

Pearl wrist band

This could be way too expensive but surely worth it, given the oomph, it adds to one’s personality. Yet again, you can go for either a single string of pearls or multiple strings. This piece of jewelry makes for an excellent addition to wedding dresses.

Choosing the right kind of pearl

We recommend you to go for the same color pearls in any piece of jewelry you chose to go for. Moti stones of different colors may not look elegant as the same pearls would. So, always ensure to buy similar-looking pearl jewelry. 

The shape of the pearl

You may be surprised to know, but pearls are not only in sphere shape. Pearls can appear in different shapes; they could appear in the shape of shiny rough-edges stones and other shapes. The different shapes of pearl look equally appealing and cost as much. A differently shaped pearl can make you look stunning and, ofcourse, different!

Irrespective of the age you live in, owning pearl or pearl jewelry is a matter of honor. The gemstone of the royals can be yours forever to cherish, thanks to its wide availability now. You need to be extra careful while buying pearls and always buy them from trusted sources. Due to its high cost, many people sell counterfeited products for the same price as the original. Therefore, you must do thorough research and source or buy pearl or pearl jewelry from the sources you can rely on completely. Today you can also buy moti stone or pearl gemstone online.

Buying pearls online

There are numerous sources from where you can buy pearl gemstones online. Trusted websites such as and others make it easy for users across the world to purchase desired pearls or pearls online without any fear. You can buy raw pearl or pendants or in the form of any jewelry that you desire. The options are unlimited when it comes to buying pearl gemstones online. Interestingly, you can also collect the pearl as per your choice and get it transformed into the jewelry of your choice.

Happy shopping!

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